Plans coming together for homecoming and reunion

By Kara Kinna • The World-Spectator • January 15, 2017

This year marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the town of Moosomin is planning to celebrate alongside the country with a major reunion and homecoming from July 6-9, the same weekend that the Moosomin Rodeo is being held.

Planning for the homecoming and reunion started in the fall of 2016 and has continued in the new year. The Moosomin Homecoming Committee and Moosomin School Alumni Association held a meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, and plans for the homecoming weekend continue to firm up.

At the meeting, Sinc Harrison, who co-chairs the reunion committee with Marg Tomlinson, noted that there are exactly seven months until the reunion weekend.

Moosomin Rec Director Mike Schwean told the committee that the grand opening of the Tim Hortons Heritage Park next to the Sportsplex would be held on July 6, during the reunion, and that entertainment is being planned for the park for that night as part of the grand opening.

Schwean also added that Sask Express is looking for bookings for this summer and wondered if anyone in Moosomin would want to book Sask Express as an addition to the reunion.

Co-Chair Marg Tomlinson said that the committee would not be interested in having Sask Express perform during the reunion weekend, but noted that it could be a good fundraiser for the reunion or for another group in the spring if another group were willing to co-sponsor a show along with the reunion committee.

“We are going to have to get on them if we are going to have them, because this is a special year and they will get booked up,” she said.

The committee is also planning to place registration sheets in local stores and hotels so that people can register for the reunion easier, and is talking about doing a canvass of the town in March or April to sign people up for the homecoming.

Lana McCormac told the committee that a Facebook page for the reunion will be rolled out soon, and a registration form will also be available there.

Russ Parker—a former Moosominite and the former owner of the Regina Pats hockey team—has been confirmed as one of the guest speakers for the reunion ceremonies on the Saturday.

The committee is still looking for a second guest speaker, and a number of names were tossed about at the meeting last week.

Harrison said the committee is still looking for someone to run the bar during the dance on the Saturday night.

The Moosomin Association of Churches has expressed interest in hosting an ecumenical church service on the Sunday of that weekend, and details are still being discussed.