Fire bans in RMs, NOT in town of Moosomin

September 6, 2018 4:38 pm

Currently there are fire bans in effect in the RM of Moosomin and the RM of Martin, but NOT in the town of Moosomin.

The town of Moosomin council recently approved a new bylaw regarding fire bans BUT DOES NOT HAVE A FIRE BAN CURRENTLY IN PLACE, so you can still enjoy your firepit in the town of Moosomin.

Under the RM fire bans, the following restrictions apply:

No fires or fireworks. Use of CSA and UL approved applicances is permitted (incinerators, liquid fuel barbeques, camp stoves). Campfires in approved containers are permitted. Solid Fuel Barbeques and Recreational Campfires are permitted under the Partial Fire Ban providing:

1. Fires must be under constant supervision by an adult;

2. Enclosed fire pits or barbeques must be covered with a metal screen having openings no greater than 1/2" and must cover the entire opening. Logs or other fuel source must be fully contained within the enclosure. Embers and ash must be prevented from escaping the enclosure;

3. The fire pit/barbeque must be a distance of at least 20" from any grass and 10' from any combustible structure or item;

4. Be prepared and have a plan to extinguish a fire should it escape from the fire pit/barbeque.

5. Fires and embers must be extinguished completely when not under constant supervision;

6. Absolutely no burning in wind speeds above 10km/hour