RCMP town hall in Rocanville Monday

September 9, 2018 2:38 pm

This Monday, Sept. 10, at 7 pm, members of the Moosomin RCMP detachment will be holding a town hall meeting at the Nutrien Community Hall in Rocanville.

The town hall meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend, and will allow the RCMP to present some information and for the general public to ask any questions they may have.

“We will provide some stats for this year so far and then fill people in with what we’re doing, some of our challenges, and open the floor to questions,” says Moosomin RCMP Sgt. Scott Fefchak. “If people think there are some things we’re doing good, let us know, if we’re not doing anything very good, let us know. If we’re not doing something good we’ll explain why we’re doing things a certain way.”

Fefchak says there are no real major concerns at this time in the Rocanville area.

“We had a little bit of a blip in the radar with Welwyn, but that seems to have sorted itself out and those people moved on to other places,” he says.

He says the RCMP are planning to hold at least two town halls a year in their detachment area. He says the main goal is simply to keep communication open between the RCMP and the public.

“We want the lines of communication open, people saying who they are, having accessibility to us in person, and just building the relationship so we can all work together and go in the same direction. And I don’t think people can really do that unless they know what we have to do. I mean some people think you phone the cops and they take care of everything. Well that’s not really it. This is a team effort, in everything we have to do.”

The RCMP held a town hall in Moosomin in March.

“Next year we’ll probably do another one in Moosomin and maybe one in a another community if there is interest,” says Fefchak. “It’s about getting out and taking the time to specifically set time aside to talk to people that are interested in coming out and having a conversation.”