Hold and Secure and Broadview

September 11, 2018 1:29 pm

Broadview RCMP were advised that the Broadview School (kindergarten to grade 12) was being placed in a 'hold and secure' as a precaution after a student had advised of a social media post threatening harm to other students.

Police were able to determine that the post being referenced was regarding BHS School in Brunswick, Georgia, and not the Broadview School.

Police have met with school officials and confirmed that no threat was made by or to any student at Broadview School.

The hold and secure has since been lifted, and parents have been advised.

The social media post that caused the commotion was as follows: “Warning: SCHOOL SHOOTING SCHEDULED 4TH BLOCK @BHS… ITS GONNA BE WORTH IT. MY GOAL IS 20-30 STUDENTS DEAD. (Run, I Love A Good Hunt.)"

Beaconsfield High School in Quebec was closed today because of the threat caused some confusion over teh use of "BHS".