RCMP issue rural crime prevention tips

September 17, 2018 11:51 am

Saskatchewan RCMP are asking rural homeowners to be vigilant about crime.

Saskatchewan RCMP are committed to making rural patrols, on back roads and grid roads.

Police say they are well aware that much of the crime committed occurs in rural areas.

To address this police will be making regular patrols and increasing our presence in the rural areas.

Police encourage homeowners to be pro-active in safeguarding their property.

Here are some tips to help deter property crime.

1) Ensure your home and property are well lit at night.

2) Use timers on lamps if you're going to be away from your home.

3) Ensure the man door from the garage to your home is always locked.

4) Lock garages, sheds and storage containers.

5) Record serial numbers of valuable items and keep the list in a secure place.

6) Report suspicious people and/or vehicles to police in a timely manner.

7) Always remove the keys from your vehicle and lock it. Even in your driveway.

8) If you own firearms ensure they are locked and properly stored according to firearms regulations.

Criminals are usually looking for an easy score, sometimes the simplest measure will prevent you from becoming a victim of property crime.