RM of Ellice-Archie weighs in on Energy East

October 15, 2018, 11:22 am
Kevin Weedmark


The RM of Ellice-Archie is sending a resolution to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities regarding Energy East.

The town and RM of Moosomin have been trying to get Energy East back on the national agenda.

The town and RM took proposals to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities to win their support.

The RM of Ellice-Archie now plans to take a resolution to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities convention on the issue.

The RM council agreed at their meeting last week to forward a resolution to the AMM after meeting with Bill Thorn and Sinc Harrison about the issue.

The resolution reads as follows:

Due to the recent developments in the pipeline construction industry, and the recent Ontario and Quebec provincial elections, we bring this Emergent resolution forward at this time to AMM (Association of Manitoba Municipalities) 2018 annual convention:

Whereas, TransCanada Energy East pipeline project has been put on hold due to Federal Regulations; and

Whereas, a significant amount of oil is imported into Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces; and

Whereas, with the ever increasing amounts of oil being transported by rail, thereby restricting rail capacity for other commodities such as grain, potash, lumber, manufactured items, and shipping containers, etc.; and

Whereas, Canadian produced oil should be given a priority over oil imported from other countries; and

Whereas, it is desirous to have Canadian oil transported via pipeline to the East Coast, and exported to markets overseas for the economic benefit of all Canadians:

Therefore, be it resolved that AMM (Association of Manitoba Municipalities) go on record of supporting the TransCanada Energy East pipeline project.

Because it is considered an emergent resolution because of the short timeline to the convention, it will be up to AMM if the resolution makes it to the floor of the convention.