Photo by Darcy Rambold

Jordan Weatherald Meets The Wiggles

November 2, 2018 5:03 pm
MacLeod School Journalism Club

October 23, 2018 is a day that Moosomin’s Jordan Weatherald will never forget. Early in the morning, he got a call from his boss at Pharmasave, Darcy Rambold, to come to the Witch’s Brew for a surprise.

Jordan’s mother, Cheryl, took him to Witch’s Brew to see his dream come true. Jordan was astounded when he walked in to see The Wiggles, characters from his favorite TV show, sitting and eating breakfast.

Jordan told us how excited he was to finally meet his favorite celebrities. He has seen them in concert over 13 times and has been watching their show for 19 years (since he was three).

The Wiggles are a singing, dancing, and entertainment group from Australia. They have produced 52 albums and numerous seasons of their shows and movies. Jordan has seen them all!

Jordan took pictures and talked with the Wiggles—Anthony, Emma, and Lachy. He was surprised when he was given a gift, “Darcy surprised me, I said hi to Anthony and then they gave me a jacket!” he says.

Anthony gave Jordan his black and white Wiggle Team jacket, so now Jordan is officially part of the Wiggle Team. Jordan was very proud of his jacket and showed it off to everyone at MacLeod when he was working that day.

The Wiggles were traveling from their show in Brandon to their next show in Regina. We asked Jordan what his favorite Wiggles song was and he responded with “The Shimmy Shake.”

This was a dream come true for Jordan, but when asked if he ever had another opportunity to meet them face to face he replied “Oh Yeah!”

We are so glad that we got to share in the excitement of Jordan’s Wiggly Day!