Suspect in custody for vehicle theft last night

December 7, 2018 9:48 am

Three local RCMP detachments were involved in investigating a truck stolen from Moosomin last night, and a suspect is already in custody. The Moosomin, Esterhazy-Langenburg and Dauphin detachments were all involved and the suspect is in custody in Dauphin.

At approximately 915 PM last night, an individual parked their vehicle on Main St. in Moosomin while running into a bank to get some cash.

The person came out to find their vehicle during that short time period. Moosomin Detachment members immediately patrolled the area to locate the vehicle, and were attempting to use the theft victim's cell phone to track it, however the thief either shut it off or threw it out.

Moosomin RCMP kept patrolling in attempts to find it with no luck, but had dispatch advise all surrounding detachments about the theft.

Approximately 35 minutes later, Esterhazy/Langenburg detachments got a call about that same vehicle hitting a car, taking out a yard lamp post, then driving through a hedge.

This vehicle was then seen to go back on Highway 8. Esterhazy/Langenberg will be determining what if any criminal charges can be laid in that instance.

45 minutes later, the stolen vehicle was reported to have committed a gas & dash in Roblin, Manitoba, and known to be heading east from there.

Through continued investigation, Csts Berkshire & Brace had determined a possible suspect from the Gilbert Plains, MB area so Dauphin RCMP was notified.

They spotted the vehicle shortly before 1 AM and the vehicle was stopped at a dead end. A passenger fled but the driver was arrested for possession of stolen property as well as Impaired Driving.

As of this morning, he remains in custody at Dauphin Detachment. Moosomin Detachment will be charging him for theft of the vehicle in our area.

"Good work by your members and the members in Dauphin locating and apprehending the suspect," said Sgt Scott Fefchak of the Moosomin RCMP. "His driving in the Esterhazy area was reported to be extremely dangerous and an obvious threat to public safety. We're all glad it came to a safe conclusion which will allow us to put the suspect(s) before the courts to hold them accountable. Since charges have not be formally laid, we cannot release the name of the individual at this time."

"Please take this as a reminder to not leave your vehicle running unattended," he added. "We've all done it, but sadly it can and does happen in our communities."

"Thanks to Dauphin Detachment, this one had a successful conclusion. They often do not."