Organizer Glen Carritt of the United We Roll convoy to Ottawa stopped in Moosomin Friday. He was collecting signatures on the hood of his truck along the way. See page 4 for more photos.

United We Roll: Convoy rolls through Moosomin

February 19, 2019 8:52 am
Kevin Weedmark

Dozens of trucks passed through Moosomin on Friday as the United We Roll convoy to Ottawa passed through the area.

The trucks made a quick stop at the Borderland Co-op gas station Friday morning.

Ann Taylor of Innisfail, Alberta said there has been good support along the way.

“The news media has really been on our side,” she said. “I think that the real message is getting across—it is a peaceful protest trying to make a change in Canada.

“We’re getting truckers on our radios talking along the way about how positive it is. Every stop we make we have people telling us they support us. We’ve got mayors coming out. In Regina we had donations for supper and they let us park in the auction mart which was fabulous. People are coming together and helping us. It’s not easy—I’m missing 10 days of work.”

Taylor works for organizer Glen Carritt back in Innisfail. He owns an oilfield safety company.

“He’s just the one who said ‘lets’ do this,’ and that’s why this whole thing is happening,” she says.

“He’s the one who everyone sees, and it’s because of him that it’s happening, but there are many, many people who are in the background that are organizing this and we’re getting help from so many people along the way.”

Why is she taking time away from work to be part of the convoy?

“Because I see the passion in these people that are in this organization,” she says. “I see the time and effort. Glen has put his business on hold for a month.

“Every person that you talk to on the convoy has a different thing that they want to protest about, but we’re mostly oil and gas. We in Alberta have really suffered. We’ve seen friends and family and businesses not do well.”

What is the message she wants to get through to Ottawa?

“Personally I feel like Canada is separating into little divisions. B.C., Quebec, Alberta are all going different directions and everyone is saying let’s separate, and I don’t like that. I hate that.

“We didn’t have this kind of thing five years ago. I’m Canadian and I am proud, but now it’s like us and them, us and them and I hate that.

“I want to feel like B.C. will help us because we’re Canadian. I want to be one country. I don’t want to be like ‘why is Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec not listening to us?’ We are suffering.”