Comedian Tommy Lama will perform this Saturday after the hockey draft.

Hockey draft, comedian fundraiser this Saturday

Event is fundraiser for new Pipestone Hills golf clubhouse

March 7, 2019 4:07 pm

This Saturday, March 9, an NHL team playoff auction followed by a comedian act will be held at the MCC Centre in Moosomin as a fundraiser for the new Pipestone Hills Golf Clubhouse.

The evening will start with the NHL draft at 6:30 followed by two comedians—Joel Jeffrey and headliner Tommy Lama—at 9 pm.

“For the draft we have purchased four hats from each NHL team and then they will be drawn at random and then those teams will be auctioned off to the crowd,” explains Moosomin Rec Director Mike Schwean. “And then we have a split on how the payout works for the playoffs. You’re not buying players, you’re buying a team, so it’s depending on where they finish in the playoffs, if they make the playoffs, if they finish the first round, second round, or win the Stanley Cup.

“If you end up winning the Stanley Cup your team makes 25 per cent of the total pot. All 16 teams that make the playoffs pay out as well as the three teams that miss the playoff also pay out as well. So if your team finishes dead last in the NHL you also get a certain amount of money—it’s 5 per cent of the pot as well.

“Everyone who buys a team not only gets that team for the draft but they also get four hats from that team as well. There is some value there too, as it’s $100 worth of hats.

“And then for the second part of the evening, we have two comics. The opening act is Joel Jeffrey, he’s a Saskatoon guy, he’s pretty well known on the radio up in Saskatoon. And then the main guy is Tommy Lama—Tommy Savitt is his actual name, Tommy Lama is his stage name.

“He does a Vegas skit—get rich quick in Vegas. He’s won Boston and Seattle Comedy Festivals, he’s won the LA Comedy Festival, he’s a regular on the strip in Las Vegas. We came across him last summer, he was doing a tour through this area, and they had about 10 dates, so we’ve actually had him booked for a year. He’s a pretty big name in the States. He’s a fantastic comedian.

“That will wrap up our evening.”

Schwean says this particular style of hockey draft is unique.

“I’ve never seen a draft like this before. It’s just something we came up with. It’s very unique in that sense,” he says. “We also have some special auctioneers. Our one comic will be an auctioneer and we have some special local celebrity auctioneers.

“We have about 40 sponsors and most of those sponsors are coming as a table. But we would like some more tables. I’d like to pack the place.”

“As far as tickets go, it’s crazy cheap for the evening. If you enter as a team of four, it’s $20 for four tickets to the entire event, the draft and then the comics. If you just come to the comic it’s $10 at the door. And then if you do go to the draft you’re not obligated to buy a team. So if you pay the $20 for four and don’t buy a team, that’s fine, you can just come as well. I couldn’t imagine a cheaper evening for that kind of comic act.

“If one individual wants to buy a team, or if you want to go together with 10 individuals, you can do that as well. If you want to buy an individual ticket we’ll sell that for $5, as long as it’s in advance. If you just come to the comedian later on it’s $10 at the door.”

Schwean says tickets for the event are available at the rec office in Moosomin.

He says they Pipestone Hills Golf Club is hoping to make around $10,000 with the event. He says even if people can’t make it to the hockey draft, he hopes they come see the comedians.

“We would like to sell some more tickets,” he says. “If people are going to another event, they are more than welcome to come down to Tommy Lama after for $10 or buy a ticket ahead of time for $5.

“We have a really really cool 30 inch Stanley Cup that goes to the winner as well.

“The winner will be awarded June 14 at the golf course. That’s going to be their grand opening at the golf course and then we’re going to tie that in with the parks and rec awards. That will all be that one weekend.

“The way the draft works, it will be 19 out of the 31 teams paid off. Well over half of the guys that buy a team will receive some payback.”

Schwean says that this could become an annual event if if goes over well.

The new clubhouse will be ready for use this spring and all money from this event will go toward the cost of the new building.