Elks giving away Chase the Ace pot Saturday

March 7, 2019 4:13 pm

This Saturday at the Uptown bar in Moosomin, the Moosomin Elks Club will be giving away their Chase the Ace pot, which should be at least $14,500, or more, depending on ticket sales this past Saturday.

The Elks annual Chase the Ace lottery license has expired for this year’s draw, and if the ace wasn’t drawn this past Saturday, final cards must be drawn this Saturday to give away the pot.

The pot is the largest it’s ever been. In September, the pot got up to $12,400 before a winner pulled the ace on Sept. 22.

Dave Towler with the Moosomin Elks says if the ace didn’t go last Saturday, this Saturday they will start the pot giveaway with 10 cards.

“I’m just going to call out the rest of them, and I will have 10 cards on the table and the ace will be one of them,” says Towler.

“The first person whose ticket number is picked will get the opportunity to pick first for the ace. If they don’t get it, they will get the consolation prize for that night.

“From then on, anybody else that picks for the ace, the only payout they get is the opportunity to pick the ace.”

This is the second year that the Moosomin Elks have held their Chase the Ace. Towler says it was nice to see the pot get so large this time.

“On this license, we would have only given it away twice, so it gave us an opportunity to build the pot up and make some money, whereas on our license last year we gave it away five times so it made it a little difficult to build it up,” he says.

He says the Elks will likely host a third Chase the Ace.

“We have been in discussion, and the indication from the Lodge is yes we want to do it, but we won’t know until after our meeting on March 20 to confirm it.

“Our members only have to work two or three times on each part of the workers’ list, and it’s a couple of hours a night, so it’s not bad.”

Some of the money raised through the Chase the Ace fundraiser is being donated to the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children and to SPARC (the Saskatchewan Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Center), but Towler says some of the money will stay with local charities this year as well.

“We are trying to give away more money to our local charities in town here,” he says.

The Elks Chase the Ace is Saturday at the Uptown from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.