Gary Millions faces several charges

Shot at police vehicle after being released at home after impaired driving charge

October 2, 2019 9:56 am

Gary Munroe Millions of Carnduff is facing several charges after firing at a police vehicle in Carnduff last week.

Millions has been charged with impaired driving, refusing to submit to a breath request, escaping lawful custody, mischief/willful damage in excess of $5,000, using a prohibited device while committing an offence, using a firearm in a carless manner, carrying a firearm for the purpose of committing an offence and three charges of unlawful firearms storage.

Bail has been denied in the case. Millions was remanded into custody and his next appearance will be in person Oct. 7 in Estevan Provincial Court.

An officer from the Carnduff RCMP detachment was transporting Millions to his home in Carnduff on Thursday night.

Millions had been arrested, charged and released for impaired driving and refusing to submit to a breath test.

“The accused had been co-operative with the police and was being turned over to his spouse at their residence until his court appearance,” according to RCMP.

Millions was taken out of the police car by the officer outside of the residence.

They moved inside the double garage attached to the house where they were met by the spouse of the accused.

Millions then told the officer he had to go to the bathroom. The officer told him not to leave, but the accused continued to walk away toward a door within the garage.

The officer asked the spouse if there was a bathroom in that area; she reported the door does not lead to a bathroom.

The officer got closer to the unknown door when he heard the distinctive sound of a round of a shotgun being chambered.

The officer drew his pistol and backed away from the door as Millions exited the room carrying a shotgun pointed at the ceiling. The officer told him to drop the shotgun.

“The accused instead told his spouse to open the garage door,” RCMP said.

“He exited the garage and fired rounds at the police car before fleeing on foot. The officer was not in the police car, but still in the garage.”

The officer quickly moved the spouse to safety inside the residence while tracking the armed individual with his pistol.

Additional RCMP members and a police dog were called to the scene and set a perimeter to contain the accused.

Shortly after the police dog arrived at the scene, the accused walked out of a nearby wooded area, unarmed, and surrendered.

The shotgun was recovered from the wooded area where the accused was hiding. Millions was taken into custody.