Moosomin Parks and Rec to receive $15,000

February 24, 2020, 7:45 am
Rob Paul - LJI Reporter


Moosomin Parks and Recreation will receive $15,000 through ADAMA’s Thank-A-Retailer program.

Sharpe’s Crop Services entered the contest, and won $15,000 for the Parks and Recreation Department thanks to strong online participation from the community.

ADAMA is a crop protection company. Sharpe’s Moosomin was one of 26 retailers across the Prairies competing for the $15,000. One retailer one in each of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta/B.C. Sharpe’s won the prize for Saskatchewan through an online points system thanks to community support — the retailers that won were those that could mobilize the most community support. In Moosomin, there was coverage of the contest in the World-Spectator, and the Chamber of Commerce, Moosomin Minor Hockey and the Rec board all worked to encourage people to participate. Moosomin won by more than 100,000 points over the nearest competitor.

Sharpe’s decided to donate the money to Moosomin Parks and Rec because of how many people it will impact.

“We believe in being active in the community and giving back. Parks and Rec touches most families and is something we are all involved in one way or another,”
Hayley Senkowski Sharpe’s Crop Services

Moosomin Rec Director Mike Schwean was ecstatic about Sharpe’s win and the community support that made it happen.

“To have the community support that we did through that program speaks volumes for peoples perception of our Parks and Rec Department,” said Schwean.

As for how the money will be spent, Schwean and Senkowski plan on using it for youth programs.

Schwean knows the overwhelming community support for the Parks and Rec Department is special.

“Having them know we’ll do the right thing with the money is great,” said Schwean. “We owe Sharpe’s and Hayley a lot of thank yous.”

“To have that kind of support for our department speaks volumes. That means more than winning.”