Doctor Appreciation Day this Saturday

June 7, 2016, 2:04 am
Kevin Weedmark


This Saturday, June 11 will be Doctor Appreciation Day in Moosomin.

The day has been planned to recognize two long-time physicians who served the area—Dr. Shaukat Hussein and Dr. Barrie Davidson—and current physicians who serve the area.

Several physicians from the Moosomin Family Practice Centre and the two physicians from the Open Access Clinic will be attending.

The town of Moosomin has invited the medical student who is currently completing her externship in Moosomin to attend as well.

There will be an unveiling at Dr. Davidson Park on Hussein Drive at 2 p.m. Saturday. The street was named in honor or Dr. Shaukat Hussein and the park was named in honor of Dr. Barrie Davidson.

There will be a brief ceremony at the park, followed by a come and go tea at the Armoury.

There will also be a Doctor Appreciation Evening at the Conexus Convention Centre Saturday evening.

The event started out with Pansy Taylor deciding that the doctors should be honored in some way, and suggesting to the town that the two long-time doctors be honored in the naming of the street and the park.

Then plans for unveiling the park became Doctor Appreciation Day.
Pansy says she wanted to honor the doctors “just because I appreciate the doctors and everything they do for the community.” She said Dr. Hussein, who practiced in Moosomin for many years, is happy to be honored and is looking forward to returning for the event.

The day will be about showing appreciation to the retired doctors and current doctors, and any funds raised will go to help finish the park.

A sign in the park has been built of bricks salvaged from Moosomin Union Hospital.

It was when Pansy Taylor and Alice Abrahamson were salvaging the bricks that they decided something should be done to remember those who had worked at the hospital.

“We’re hoping that this shows our appreciation for those two former doctors and how much they did, but then it makes the current doctors realize that we are a community that really does appreciate the doctors and makes them feel equally important and appreciated, and maybe makes the newer doctors feel really welcome,” said Pansy.