Ranch rodeo consists of four-person teams that compete in events that reflect the day-to-day activities of working cowboys. Above is a local team competing at the McAuley ranch rodeo held a few weeks ago.

First Moosomin ranch rodeo Sept 9

September 7, 2017 8:29 am
Kara Kinna

Ranch rodeo is coming to Moosomin, with the first ranch rodeo planned for Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Moosomin rodeo arena at 2 pm.

The rodeo is being organized by a group of local ranch rodeo enthusiasts, who hope to make it an annual event.

Clayton Powlyk says his ranch rodeo team went to a few ranch rodeos north of Yorkton this year and decided it was time to plan something in Moosomion.

“We went to a few rodeos up north at Sheho and Sturgis,” says Powlyk. “It was like a mini series up there, and we go to Yorkton in November for the finals. We got approved to join them next year, so Moosomin will be a part of that association.

“It was after one of the rodeos up north and we were sitting together and thought we should put one on in Moosomin.

“There are going to be about five or six rodeos next year for that association and then the finals will be in November in Yorkton. So we will have one down south instead of having to travel up north all the time.

“This is just a trial run and make sure we get enough people. And then next year we’re good to go.”

Powlyk says ranch rodeo gives working cowboys a chance to compete at what they do on a regular basis.

“The ranch rodeo just kind of showcases the working cowboy,” he says. “It’s the day-to-day skills we actually use. It’s just a fun get together.

“Ranch rodeos consist of a four man team. It’s four people that will compete together in five different events. It’s just everything we do on a day-to-day basis on the ranch.

“So with doctoring, for example, we doctor in the pasture. So you’ll have one guy head, one guy heel, and two guys will get off and work the ground. We do that as a team and you are competing for fastest time”

Moosomin’s ranch rodeo will include team doctoring, a trailer relay race, team sorting, team branding, and wild cow milking.
Powlyk says the rodeo is already full for entries.

“We’ll take 10 teams, and there are 40 contestants and, it’s already booked solid,” he says. “We’ve got people on a wait list. It was booked in a matter of two days.

“What we did is invited the north teams first who are in the association up there because that is who we will be competing with next year so we thought we should give them an invite.

“And then there are two teams from north of Moosomin and one from Wapella.”

What does Powlyk like about ranch rodeo?

“It’s just fun,” he says. “You get together with other people with the same interest in ranching.”

The rodeo will be followed by entertainment by singer Ryan Fritz in the beer gardens right after the events wrap up that day. The rodeo starts at 2 pm and Powlyk says entertainment should start around 5 pm.

He says next year there may be more events added.

“This year we ran out of time because it just got thrown together in the last few weeks, so we didn’t do anything for the kids, but that will come together next year. We will do sheep riding or something like that for the kids.”

He says the rodeo will also be held earlier next year, likely in August so as to avoid harvest.

Powlyk says any money made at the rodeo will simply cover costs, and money from the beer gardens and food will go directly to a local service club.

“We went to the Moosomin Kinsmen and said if you want to run the bar it’s all yours, you take the profits. They are doing that and the Kinettes are doing all the cooking,” says Powlyk.

“As the Moosomin ranch rodeo committee we don’t stand to make a bunch of money. We are just making enough to cover the band and the prizes.”