Pattison Ag to expand in Moosomin

September 27, 2017 6:36 pm
Kara Kinna

Pattison Ag has plans to expand its Moosomin location to allow for more sales and service, with part of the expansion work already underway this fall.

“Jim Pattison, who owns are operates the Pattison Ag John Deere dealerships, and has 19 stores now, he bought this location in the winter of 2016 and at that time he decided he was going to do some investment and upgrades to this yard and building,” says Dennis Barry, the service manager at Pattison Ag in Moosomin.

“The grounds were in rough shape. To the north of us there are three acres of farmland that we bought and had been using and we are developing that to display equipment on.

“The current yard is also in rough shape so they are redoing the entire lot.

“We’ve removed the cover-all shed that we were using for storage. We’re replacing that with an 80-foot by 200-foot cold storage building. And in 2018 our plans are to add another 80-foot by 100-foot workshop to the south and then upgrade the outside and do an interior facelift.

“We’re probably going to start the project in the spring of 2018 and will probably have completion by fall for the workshops and the exterior/interior upgrades.”

Barry says the upgrades and expansion will allow for Pattison to hire more staff in Moosomin.

“With the added 8,000 square feet of shop space we are going to be recruiting two to three more service techs. And because of the expansion of the grounds we are going to be expanding our sales force by one more person.

“The intention is to have more equipment and have it better displayed, and we are expanding the aftermarket to support the sales.”

This fall the 80-foot by 200-foot cold storage building will go up and should be completed in four to six weeks.

“The cold storage allows us to store customers’ equipment inside when they bring it in for winter works programs,” says Barry. It’s a must.”

Barry says Pattison sees a lot of potential in the Moosomin location.

“Pattison and John Deere feel Moosomin and the surrounding area has the largest potential for its trading area,” he says.

He says being part of the Pattison group has meant the dealership can do more.

“With being part of the Pattison group and 19 locations, we can draw equipment from so many of the locations,” he says. “On almost a weekly basis we are bringing in used equipment this way.

“Farmers are more informed now with the internet. So much of that business is done before they ever come to the dealership. They will look online and see that we have a tractor in Swift Current and basically know what they want already.”