Scott Moe promises action on rural landfills

October 11, 2017 1:40 pm

Saskatchewan Party Leadership candidate Scott Moe announced his plan to undertake a fulsome review of waste management policies in the province, specifically landfills in rural communities.

“We must recognize the challenges and associated costs municipalities face regarding landfills, whether it’s decommissioning, expansion or regionalization,” Moe said. “We know municipalities are good environmental stewards and we need to take a measured approach to achieving results.”

Moe committed to expand the mandate and responsibilities of the Landfill Advisory Committee, made up of SUMA, SARM and other municipal representatives, and tasking them with undertaking a detailed review that will result in better solutions for waste management in Saskatchewan communities.

During this review, enforcement action on landfills will be put on hold, except in circumstances where the public health may be at immediate risk.

“The current system of asking towns, villages and RMs to pay significant engineering costs, which are far beyond their financial resources, in order to maintain their permit to operate or to decommission their landfill is simply not working. We will find a better way forward.”

The results of this review would lead to an improved process for managing landfills. Moe said he is willing to consider legislative, regulatory and policy changes to develop a responsible, effective waste management plan.

“This is about managing our waste into the future in a responsible manner,” Moe said. “We need to work with our municipal partners to develop an affordable, workable plan that will ensure we protect our environment without imposing unreasonable costs on our communities.”