Alanna Koch releases Sask Party leadership platform

October 18, 2017 10:18 am

Today, Saskatchewan Party Leadership Candidate Alanna Koch unveiled her policy platform, Building on the Legacy: A Vision for 2030.

“The introduction of the Growth Plan in 2012 was a game changer for Saskatchewan and how government did business. If I am fortunate enough to become Premier, I will build on the legacy of Premier Wall with the development of Growth Plan 2.0,” Koch said. “The principle of this plan remains unchanged: economic growth leading to a higher quality of life. My vision for Saskatchewan is one with a strong and stable economic climate, a compassionate society that cares for its most vulnerable and a responsible and responsive government.”

The vision for Saskatchewan 2030 includes:

· Continuing to be a global leader in exporting food, fuel, and fertilizer;

· Being at the forefront of technological innovation;

· Having a strong value-added industry in both resource and non-resource based industries;

· A climate for business to thrive that welcomes investment;

· Sustained population growth;

· Healthier, safer communities; and

· A strong education system that is focused on the student and is inclusive of our Indigenous people.

“The foundation of our economy will not change. We must continue to build on our natural strengths of agriculture, energy, manufacturing, mining and forestry but must also look to new industries, such as technology and innovation. We will also focus on creating a compassionate society by building healthy communities, looking after the vulnerable, having a strong educational system and creating supports for an aging population.” said Koch.

Highlights of the plan include:

· The creation of a Premier’s Advisory Council;

· The introduction of an Angel Investment Tax Credit to improve access to capital for start-ups;

· The development of a multi-year international engagement strategy for trade;

· The creation of a Transportation Master Plan;

· Extending the balanced budget plan by one year to show compassion and minimize the effects of restraint measures;

· Retaining school board governance for their close community connection but ensure the highest degree of efficiency and coordination for all school boards;

· Integrating service delivery of all human-centered programs to “wrap around” citizens, to encompass the full-suite of programs and services our most vulnerable may require; and

· Increasing organ donations by implementing a presumed consent;

“The growth of the last decade has not been by accident,” Koch said. To maintain momentum into the next 10 years and beyond, we need to think differently about how we do things. We cannot risk returning to the dark days of the NDP. We must be deliberate in our actions and plan for a bold and bright future for Saskatchewan.”

The full platform can be found at