Alarm salespeople in Moosomin.

July 3, 2018 3:26 pm

There is a company selling alarm systems in town, and just purchased a licence to sell in Moosomin.

Sgt Scott Fefchak says there are often many complaints about high pressure sales tactics by alarm salespeople.

"Please do not call police about alarm salespeople," Fefchak says. "If you're not interested, you can tell them you're not interested and ask them to please leave. Close the door."

"Despite what the alarm salespeople may say, Moosomin is a safe community," Fefchak says. "Any suggestion that Moosomin is a dangerous town laden with crime is simply not supported by police statistics."

"Ultimately whether or not you choose to have an alarm is up to you, but understand aggressive salesmanship is not criminal.

"However, not leaving your property when you ask someone to is a police matter which we tend to take more seriously than a one-hit alarm."