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Kahkewistahaw boys' death confirmed homicide

2013-08-26 16:48:14

Broadview RCMP and RCMP Major Crime Unit - South are continuing the investigation into the suspicious sudden death of 6-year-old Lee Bonneau of Kahkewisahaw on August 21, 2013.

Information obtained by investigators and during Friday's autopsy confirm this is a homicide. The injuries Lee sustained are consistent with an assault.

Investigators are working to determine what took place during the last hours of Lee's life and have spoken with several people who were in contact or would have seen Lee before the assault took place. Additionally, exhibits and evidence gathered during the investigation and the autopsy need to be examined.

Events such as these are traumatic for everyone involved and the RCMP is grateful for the support available to all families involved from the Yorkton Victims Services office. For RCMP members involved in this investigation, there will be a critical incident debrief held later this week.

The investigation is ongoing.

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