Sask Government invests in community rinks

POSTED: 2013-09-22 16:11:13

Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Kevin Doherty has announced that the Community Rink Affordability Grant, originally launched in September 2012, will be offered in 2013.
The Community Rink Affordability Grant provides communities, schools, non-profits and First Nations who register with a $2,500 grant per indoor ice surface. For example, a rink containing both an indoor skating surface and an indoor curling surface could register for two grants worth $5,000.
“Last year, our government invested nearly $1.7 million in 554 facilities in 387 communities,” Doherty said. “This grant is the result of a 2011 election promise and we’re happy to be able to deliver on it once more. That is one of the advantages of our growing province - the ability to invest in sport and recreation facilities.”
The Government of Saskatchewan is committing $1.7 million to the grant this year, which aligns with the number of applications received the first year.
The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association will again administer and deliver the grant.
“We are pleased to partner with the Government of Saskatchewan again this year on this initiative,” Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association President Darrell Lessmeister said. “These funds will certainly help sustain community rinks across the province. We received plenty of positive feedback from community members affected by this grant and hoped the Government of Saskatchewan would choose to fund the program again.”
To register, please complete the online form on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association’s website at

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