Sask manufacturing up

POSTED: 2013-11-18 14:49:14

September’s manufacturing sales numbers are the strongest of 2013, according to a new report from Statistics Canada. The province saw a 9.0 per cent increase over August 2013, totalling $1.3 billion. This was a record-breaking month for sales and landed Saskatchewan in second place among the provinces.
“This is great news that can be traced back to our economy and the strength that continues to build in our manufacturing sector,” Economy Minister Bill Boyd said. “At Agritechnica in Germany, I’m seeing first-hand the level of interest in our products, and more specifically our agricultural implements. Saskatchewan manufacturers have certainly set a standard in Canada and around the world and we should be very proud of that.”
On a yearly basis, Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sales jumped 10.5 per cent. Machinery manufacturing increased over that same period of time, growing 7.4 per cent and totalling $147.9 million. Agricultural machinery also experienced a boost, up 22.3 per cent over September 2012.
“These strong September numbers mean that the remaining months of 2013 hold a lot of promise in this sector,” Boyd said. “Saskatchewan manufacturers aren’t just filling the demand that exists in the global marketplace – here at home, they are also helping to fill jobs, create opportunities and keep moving this province forward.”

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