Manitoba bolsters snowplow fleet

POSTED: 2013-11-28 11:18:32

Manitoba’s snow removal crews are ready to clear 19,000 kilometres of provincial roads during the coming winter, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton announced today, adding there are 317 pieces of equipment, including 16 new units, ready to roll as snowfall increases.

“Highway safety is important to Manitoba families and business, especially during the winter. When snow and ice affect the provincial highway system, our highway crews are ready regardless of the time of day or cost,” said Minister Ashton. “This year alone, we have added 10 new truck plows and six loaders to replace aging or smaller equipment.”

The province began expanding and renewing the winter highways fleet in 2007 and has since replaced 132 truck plows, 51 graders, 39 wheel loaders and 12 snowblowers. The minister noted that snow removal and ice treatment is based on traffic volumes and factors such as maintaining local emergency access for medical and fire services. He said an emphasis will be placed this year on clearing high traffic and major trade corridors first.

The minister is asking drivers to watch for snow-clearing equipment on highways and provincial roads. Drivers are reminded:

that all maintenance equipment uses flashing, blue warning lights;
to stay well back of all equipment;
always to remain alert when following or approaching oncoming plows;
not to attempt to pass a plow in operation from behind at any time; and
to slow down when passing approaching snowplows in operation.

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