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Saskatchewan population up again

2013-12-18 09:45:18

Saskatchewan’s population continued to grow in the third quarter of 2013.
As of October 1, 2013, there were 1,114,170 people living in Saskatchewan – an increase of 5,867 in the previous three months and 19,797 over the past year. The quarterly and annual growth rates in Saskatchewan were both the second-highest among the provinces, behind only Alberta.
Saskatchewan and Alberta were also the only two provinces to see positive net migration from other provinces in the past quarter. Saskatchewan’s net interprovincial migration of 637 people came primarily from British Columbia (271), New Brunswick (105), Alberta (91) and Quebec (70).
The remainder of Saskatchewan’s population gain came from net international migration of 3,510 and a natural increase (births minus deaths) of 1,720.
Premier Brad Wall said Saskatchewan continues to be seen as one of the best places in Canada to live and to work.
“We are now in our seventh year of strong population growth – the most sustained period of growth in Saskatchewan in quite some time,” Wall said.
Wall said he expects to see continued population and economic growth in 2014 even though provincial resource revenues will be down.
“Even though our economy is strong, we will face some budget challenges,” Wall said. “It’s important to remember that the economy and the budget are two different things.
“In 2009, during the worldwide recession, Saskatchewan’s potash revenues collapsed but employment growth continued, we created jobs while most other places were losing jobs and our population grew by 17,000. So I expect 2014 to be a good year for our economy and our province even as we face some revenue challenges.”
Wall said Saskatchewan remains on track to achieve his government’s growth plan goal of 1.2 million people by 2020.

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