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Fatality at Main Street crossing

2014-02-05 20:35:41

One person was killed in a collision at the Main Street railway crossing in Moosomin.

Moosomin RCMP are on the scene of the collision, which involved a Ford Windstar and a train.

The collision occurred at approximately 4:00 pm this afternoon.

Investigation thus far has revealed that the van was southbound on Main St and proceeded onto the train tracks where the eastbound train collided with the front passenger side of the van.

The driver and lone occupant of the van died at the scene. Next of kin notification has been completed and Victim Services are assisting the family of the deceased.

The deceased is 79 year old Alfred W. Skulmoski of Moosomin.

Assisting at the scene are Moosomin fire, ambulance, CP employees and RCMP members from the Moosomin detachment. CP Police are also on scene.

The street is currently blocked due to the collision.

Motorists should choose an alternate route as the street is expected to be blocked for several hour while a collision analyst examines the scene.

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