Wall to seek third term

POSTED: 2014-02-25 12:58:16

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he wants to stick around for a third term because there's more work to do.

Wall says he will be the first Saskatchewan Party candidate nominated for the next provincial election at a March 20 event in his hometown of Swift Current.

The premier says he has asked all of the Saskatchewan Party members of the legislature to indicate whether they plan to run again.

The next provincial election was to take place in November 2015, but has been bumped back to April 2016 so that it doesn't overlap with a federal vote.

There will be new faces in the Saskatchewan legislature, in part because the electoral map has been redrawn to add three new constituencies, bringing the total number to 61.

It will be the first election for the Opposition New Democrats with Cam Broten (BROH'-tin) as party leader.

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