RCMP tracking down stolen heifers

POSTED: 2014-06-12 08:34:33

Mounties are asking for the public's help to track down 59 heifers stolen from a property in east-central Alberta.

The Alberta RCMP Livestock Investigation Unit says mixed-breed cows were recently stolen from property near Czar, a small town about 300 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.

RCMP say they've sent alerts to inspected livestock markets in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

All the cattle are tagged and bearing the Hobbs brand so police say it would be difficult for someone to market them at any of the inspected markets.

A ground and air search of the area by the owner did not locate the missing livestock and there is no evidence that they escaped through a fence or that they have relocated to adjacent properties.

Police say the cows are worth about $80,000.

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