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Moosomin declares local emergency

2014-07-10 23:53:29

After the second major downpour within two weeks, and the significant flooding as a result, the town of Moosomin has declared a Local Emergency.

The State of Emergency was declared at a special council meeting at 10:15 Thursday night and will remain in effect for seven days unless renewed.

Town council also passed a resolution to request designation as an Eligible Assistance Area under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program.

An Emergency Measures Command Centre has been set up at the Moosomin Firehall. This will be staffed throughout the night and into the coming days.

The EMO Command Centre can be reached by calling 306-435-3360.

The EMO Command Centre has food and liquids available for people.

The Moosomin Baptist Church is a location for accommodations for anyone displaced.

A rain/hail/wind storm hit Moosomin late Thursday afternoon, dropping several inches of rain in 45 minutes, leaving many streets and basements flooded.

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