Free fishing weekend August 23 and 24

POSTED: 2014-08-13 11:04:26

The weekend of August 23 and 24 marks the province’s second free fishing weekend of the summer. Everyone – including visitors to the province – will be free to fish on those days without having to buy a licence.

Due to extreme rainfall and flooding in some areas of the province last month, boaters were advised to stay off some lakes for their own safety and to prevent disruption of flood mitigation efforts. As a result, people may not have had the opportunity to take advantage of the Free Fishing Weekend in July. However, everyone will have the chance to enjoy another free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan.

“Free fishing weekend is a good time to try your luck fishing in one of Saskatchewan’s wonderful lakes and rivers, and to introduce new anglers to one of the province’s most popular outdoor activities,” Environment Minister Scott Moe said. “Sport fishing attracts more than 225,000 residents and visitors to our province, and generates more than $300 million each year.”

Free Fishing Weekend does not occur in national parks, and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a licence. All other fishing regulations apply, including possession limits, reduced limits and closed areas on some lakes and rivers.

Anglers on Lac La Ronge must have a free endorsement to conserve and enhance the lake trout population, and to gather angling pressure data on the lake. The free endorsements are available online through the Ministry of Environment’s automated hunting, angling and trapping licence system, from all licence issuers, ministry offices, and at select provincial park offices.

More information about fishing in Saskatchewan can be found in the 2014 Saskatchewan Anglers’ Guide, available wherever fishing licences are sold, or online at

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