Manitoba pegs $100 million for flood spending

POSTED: 2014-08-18 11:59:10

Manitoba's Finance Ministry has issued a special warrant to allow extra spending this fiscal year to cover the costs of recent flooding.

The warrant provides an additional $100 million.

The government says costs for flood-related infrastructure repairs are still being assessed, but at this point spending is still being covered under the existing budget.

Economy Minister Theresa Oswald says the province sets aside money every year for flooding, but the torrential rain last month prompted exceptional circumstances.

The rain at the beginning of July caused widespread overland flooding in rural areas and millions of dollars in damage.

Oswald says the government needed to get money flowing immediately to pay for sandbagging, temporary dikes and disaster relief.

"We are still very hopeful that we are going to, in the context of our capital budget, be able to manage that,'' Oswald said. "The $100 million is for immediate operating issues.''

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