Bleau back in court October 26

October 25, 2021, 2:19 pm
Kevin Weedmark


Don Bleau of Moosomin, who is facing 17 charges including assault and attempted murder as the result of an incident Wednesday, September 29, appeared in provincial court in Moosomin Tuesday to elect how he is to be tried.

He has the choice of being tried by judge in provincial court, tried by judge in Court of Queen’s Bench, or tried by judge alone or judge and jury in Court of Queen’s Bench.

However, during a court appearance before Judge Ross Green in Moosomin Tuesday, Bleau’s defence lawyer asked for leave to withdraw from the case.
Bleau has applied for legal aid and his application is still being assessed, so he didn’t have a lawyer to represent him Tuesday.

Judge Green suggested he should not make an election before he has a lawyer to represent him.

He will be back in court October 26 to make his election.

Bleau has been denied bail and is being held in custody. Bleau asked Judge Green about appealing the bail decision during the appearance Tuesday, and was told he would have to apply to Court of Queen’s Bench for a bail review.
The 17 charges stem from an incident September 29. Shortly after 9 pm September 29, Moosomin RCMP received multiple complaints of a man driving a truck around the town of Moosomin “in a reckless manner.”

Police say that, as officers were en route to respond to those calls, they were flagged down by a person who reported to have been assaulted by Bleau. The individual also indicated that Bleau had rammed their vehicle with his truck before leaving the scene.

As RCMP officers drove through town, they located the truck outside of Moosomin Towing and Auto Service. Police say Bleau left the business and pointed a crossbow in the direction of police. Police say Bleau walked across the street towards a house, and shouted threats toward the police and Rob Austin, who had come out from the house. Police say Bleau then fired the crossbow in the direction of Austin, who was not struck or injured by the arrow.

One arrow fired from the crossbow stuck in the wall of Rob and Maggie Austin’s home on the corner of Ellice and South Front Street.

A second arrow hit the Austins’ dog, who ran off with the arrow in him. The dog, Sunny, was found the following day after a search involving dozens of volunteers, and taken for veterinary care.

According to police, Bleau got back into his truck after firing the crossbow, left and then drove back again to the same house, damaging multiple vehicles and other property. Police say Bleau then drove towards one of the officers on scene. The officer was able to avoid being struck by Bleau’s truck. The truck then crashed into a boulevard, and was disabled.

Bleau left the truck and was arrested. One of the officers and Bleau received what were described as minor injuries.

The crossbow was seized by police at the scene.

As a result of investigation, Bleau has been charged with:
• Attempted murder, Section 239(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Assault, Section 266, Criminal Code of Canada
• Committing assault by using or threatening to use a weapon, Section 267(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Assaulting a peace officer, Section 270(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Uttering threats to cause bodily harm, Section 264.1(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Resisting arrest, Section 129(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Operating a conveyance in a manner dangerous to the public, Section 320.13(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Operating a conveyance while impaired by alcohol, Section 320.14(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Possessing weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public, Section 88(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• 6 counts of committing mischief exceeding $5,000, Section 430(3) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Commiting assault by pointing a weapon, Section 267(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
• Possessing a firearm without a licence to possess it, Section 91(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada

Bleau was taken into custody by Moosomin RCMP Wednesday, September 29, and has remained in custody since then.

The investigation is ongoing and Moosomin RCMP are requesting anyone with information or anyone who may have witnessed this incident to contact the Moosomin RCMP by calling 306-435-3361. Information can be submitted anonymously through CrimeStoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submitting a tip online at