Open house at SE College, Moosomin

May 10, 2022, 5:08 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

At the Southeast College Open House in Moosomin, colleges and universities were showing the variety of different courses they offer to the community in town.

Southeast College in Moosomin hosted an open house on May 2.

Southeast College, University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission, were present at the event.

The schools presented a variety of college, trades and university programs that the campus in Moosomin, will be offering for fall 2022.

At the Southeast College Open House in Moosomin.”></a><br />
<p class=At the Southeast College Open House in Moosomin.


Individuals are able to take a number of first-year courses from University of Regina at Southeast College in Moosomin, for the fall 2022 and winter 2023 academic year.

“A lot of people do enrol into the university classes. Of course when everything moved online, our numbers were down, but right before, depending on the course, we had up to eight and nine people for one course,” said Tracy Page, campus manager at Southeast College in Moosomin.

She said the most common course for UR enrolment was psychology. Other courses offered from UR include English, sociology, film, math, kinesiology and health studies, as well as women and gender studies.

Page said since the pandemic, the environment for teachers and students have changed a lot.

“It feels so new again, there’s been a lot of changes in the last few years, in the way people interact, in the way people learn, even for us, all of a sudden we were thrown into technology and having to use it, which has been really good.”

This year, Southeast College will introduce a new Health Care Cook 38-week certificate program at its campus in Moosomin.

The program focuses on teaching the knowledge and practice of cooking healthy foods for residents in health care settings.

It is a combination of theory and field work, where students have the opportunity to practice cooking in a kitchen and serving to residents in town.

The college also offers its English as a Second Language course.

“We have those classes running in the evenings, they’re not face-to-face just yet, we need to get back to that point which should be soon, because they really take off when they’re in person,” Page said.

Although some courses are still online, the majority are still offered for in-person learning.

“We were back to just about full face-to-face learning, this past year in June,” she said.

“Blended for some, we’re blended for our SGA programming which has really helped our parents because if someone is sick, or if they have an appointment in Regina in the afternoon, you can still enter the class from there or Whitewood, and so on.”

One of the programs that fills up quickly every year is the electrician program.

The electrician program focuses on teaching students how to install, test, replace and repair lighting fixtures, wiring, and electrical equipment. There are 12 spots in the program.

Southeast College in Moosomin recently expanded their building, upgrading the laboratory for the schools electrician program.


Recently, the campus renovated its building, which expanded THE majority of their classroom sizes and the laboratory for their electrical program.

Page said she is always looking to bringing in more programs for Southeast College in Moosomin.

“We’re a regional college so when we first started here, we had a classroom at the high school, we had offices at the government building, and we had our electrical program at a different spot,” said Page.

“We came together in this facility, but if we had to, we’re adaptable. It’s ideal to be in the same building and have more of that campus feeling, but if it’s about creating a new program, then we can adapt around here.”

Beside the lab, students are able to learn the theory portion of the school’s electrician program, at Southeast College in Moosomin.”></a><br />
<p class=Beside the lab, students are able to learn the theory portion of the school’s electrician program, at Southeast College in Moosomin.