Big weekend of ball in Moosomin

U13 Provincials, Masters Provincials, Slo Pitch year-end tournament all this weekend

July 21, 2022, 9:04 am

The ball diamonds at Bradley Park in Moosomin

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22-24, Bradley Park in Moosomin will be a busy place with three big ball events on—U13 Provincial Baseball, Masters Provincials, and the Uptown Hotel Year-end Slo-Pitch Tournament.

In total, 24 teams will be in town looking to collect one of three championships.

Opening ceremonies for the weekend will be held on Friday night at 7:30 pm at Co-op Field. There will be a social Friday night and beer gardens all weekend.

Pee Wee Baseball Provincial Ball
Eight teams are in town for this tournament. Teams include:
• Regina Blue Jays
• Gull Lake Greyhounds
• Lumsden Cubs
• Bridge City Blue Jays
• White Butte Broncos
• Eston Ramblers
• Saskatoon Braves
• Moosomin Rangers

Masters Baseball Provincial Ball
There are eight Teams in town for the Masters. Teams Include:

• Regina Red Dogs
• Assiniboia Aces
• Riverhurst Thumpers
• Edan Valley Senators
• Northeast A’s
• Weyburn Merchants
• Moose Mountain Royals
• Moosomin Blue Jays

Uptown Hotel Slo Pitch Year End Tournament
Don’t forget about the slo pitchers…there are a ton of good players around. The Red Hot Oompaloompas have won back to back to back but it looks like they are in some trouble as team after team after team have laid some payback on them this year already! Teams include:

• Red Hot Oompaloompas
• Mitt Ticklers
• Snap Crack Pop
• Booze Cannons
• Lepine’s Roofing
• McMashers
• Platypussies
• Kinsmen 9:15’s

Tournament Draws U13 Provincials

•Moosomin Rangers vs. Saskatoon Braves
Elks Field—2 pm
•Bridge City Blue Jays vs. Lumsden Cubs
Guinness Field—2 pm
•Gull Lake Greyhounds vs. Regina Blue Jays
Elks Field—5 pm
•Eston Ramblers vs. White Butte Broncos
Guinness Field—5 pm
•Opening Ceremonies at Co-op Field—7:30 pm

•Saskatoon Braves vs. White Butte Broncos
Guinness Field—9 am
•Moosomin Rangers vs. Eston Ramblers
Elks Field—9 am
•Regina Blue Jays vs. Lumsden Cubs
Guinness Field—12 pm
•Gull Lake Greyhounds vs. Bridge City Blue Jays
Elks Field—12 pm
•Eston Ramblers vs. Saskatoon Braves
Guinness Field—3 pm
•White Butte Broncos vs. Moosomin Rangers
Elks Field—3 pm
•Bridge City Blue Jays vs. Regina Blue Jays
Guinness Field—6 pm
•Lumsden Cubs vs. Gull Lake Greyhounds
Elks Field—6 pm

•Tie Breakers on Elks and Guinness Field—9 am
•Semi Final # 1 on Elks Field—12 pm
•Semi Final # 2 on Guinness Field—12 pm
•U13 Provincial Final on Elks Field—3 pm

Tournament Draws Masters Provincials

•Moosomin Blue Jays vs. Moose Mountain
Co-op Field—9 am
•Northeast A’s vs. Weyburn Merchants
Co-op Field—11:30 am
•Regina Red Dogs vs. Assiniboia Aces
Co-op Field—2 pm
•Riverhurst Thumpers vs. Edan Valley
Co-op Field—4:30 pm
•Opening Ceremonies at Co-op Field—7:30 pm

•B Semi Final at Co-op Field—9 am
•A Semi Final at Co-op Field—11:30 am
•A Semi Final at Co-op Field—2 pm
•B Semi Final at Co-op Field—4:30 pm

•C Final at Home Hardware Field—9:30 am
•B Final at Co-op Field—9:30 am
•D Final at Home Hardware Field—12 pm
•A Final at Co-op Field—12 pm

Uptown Slo Pitch Tournament Draws

Friday, July 22
•Pool A—Lepine’s Roofing vs Kinsmen 9:15’s
Kin Field 6:30 pm
•Pool A—Snap Crackle Pop vs McMashers
Home Hardware 6:30 pm
•Pool B—Oompaloompas vs. Booze Cannons
Guinness Field 8:15 pm
•Pool B•Mitt Ticklers vs. Platypussies Kin Field 8:15 pm

Sunday, July 24
•Pool A—Kinsmen 9:15’s vs. McMashers Kin Field 9:30 am
•Pool A—Lepine’s Roofing vs. Snap Crackle Pop Kin Field 11:30 am
•Pool B—Oompaloompas vs. Mitt Ticklers Guinness Field 2:30 pm
•Pool B—Booze Cannons vs. Platypussies Kin Field 2:30 pm
•Pool A—Lepine’s Roofing vs. McMashers Kin Field 4:30 pm
•Pool A—Kinsmen 9:15’s vs. Snap Crackle Pop Home Hardware 4:30 pm
•Pool B—Oompaloompas vs. Platypussies Guinness Field 4:30 pm
•Pool B—Booze Cannons vs. Mitt Ticklers Co-op Field 4:30 pm

•D Final at Co-op Field 6:15 pm
•C Final at Kin Field 6:15 pm
•B Final at Elks Field 6:15 pm
•A Final at Guinness Field 6:15 pm

Provincial Ball needs volunteers
While these provincial championships are awesome for the community, they do require extensive volunteers. If you would be willing to help out that weekend, the Moosomin Rec Department would love to hear from you. Please contact the Recreation Office at 435-3622 by phone or email at