Rocanville Lottery draw Saturday

$100,000 Grand Prize

September 26, 2022, 7:47 am
Kevin Weedmark


This will be a busy week in Rocanville as ticket sales for the Lucky Lottery go down to the wire.

“We have ticket orders coming in every day, we’re getting sold-out ticket books returned to us and we’re seeing orders come through on our website,” said Rocanville Recreation Director Andrea Logan.

“We’ve been selling tickets at a couple of local events and those ticket sales have gone over well, and we’ve been canvassing the town, too. We had groups going door-to-door. A lot of the groups that use the facilities in Rocanville helped us canvas the community and sell tickets.

“It went pretty well and we did bring in some decent sales from canvassing. Those who didn’t purchase tickets said ‘Oh I do want to get a ticket, I just want to wait a little closer to the draw date.’

“But the town canvassing was well worth it. We had one of our Lottery Committee members contact a lot of people from the RM and did some canvassing of the RM as well. Again we did get some sales out of it and we had a lot of people saying ‘Yes, we still plan to buy, we’re just waiting’ or they’re going to buy theirs from a certain location.”

Logan says she expects this final week to be very busy with ticket sales.

“What I’ve noticed since starting this is that it just seems to get busier every week,” she says. “The closer to the deadline, the more people who are getting their tickets. I expect this week to be pretty busy.”

People can buy Lucky Lottery tickets right up to 11 pm on Friday, September 30, and the draw will be made on the evening of Saturday, October 1.

“We’re doing the draw on October 1 at 11 pm at the golf course. The golf course is going to put on a supper that night. There will be two seatings. The second seating will be there for the draw.”

Logan says she is hoping the lottery sells out.

“I really hope that it’s a sell out. It’s our first year doing this and I have been advised that the first year will be the hardest year, but we’re really hoping to get there. The plan is that the pool, golf course, skating rink, and the curling rink—all of the facilities in our town—are going to be getting a portion of the proceeds from this fundraiser. We want to raise as much as we can for them.”

She said different people are buying tickets for different reasons.

“I think our locals are buying them to support the facilities and to support the community. A lot are thinking if they win, that’s great, but they’re really buying the ticket to show their support. The people that are purchasing from Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton and those areas, are more than likely doing it to win, and that’s great too, all the ticket sales go to support our recreation facilities.”

She said the 50/50 ticket sales are going well.

“A lot of people are wanting to get a 50/50 ticket. With this lottery you don’t have to buy a $100 lottery ticket to get a 50/50. I feel like if you only have $20 and you want to put it towards that, you should be able to. Not everybody can afford the $100 tickets, and I think people appreciate that.”

This week will be very busy for the committee.

“We have a couple of people on our lottery committee that have been working to set up a group of volunteers and they’ve been slotting them in for different time slots to come in to work the phone lines, take orders and send out tickets, so it will be busy,” Logan says.

“People can give us a call at the rec office and order their tickets that way. They can stop in and see us. They can stop in at any of the local businesses that are selling tickets. They can visit our website. Whatever works best for them, works best for us.”

Logan says the lottery has been a real community effort.

“If you consider all of the groups that were canvassing, I’d say we’ve had around 50 volunteers. We’ve had the groups canvassing and then I’ve had people in here helping with processing orders, and then we’ll have the phone blitz volunteers.

“A lot of work has gone into this. I’ve been working on it since April or May. Next year’s lottery, if we do it again, I’m going to start working on it in February.”

She said she is excited for the next few days and the draw on October 1.

Tickets for the $100,000 Rocanville Lucky Lottery can be purchased at