Holiday Smile Cookie proceeds will go to supporting new playground in Moosomin

November 22, 2022, 4:42 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Eastside Playground Committee has been fundraising this year to build a new park and playground in Moosomin at 310 Henry Street. Above, is a blueprint for how the project will look like.

For the first time ever, Tim Hortons will be selling Holiday Smile Cookie from Dec. 5 to 11, and will be donating all of the proceeds raised to local charities and community groups across Canada.

For the Moosomin Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie campaign, all proceeds raised will be donated to Moosomin’s Eastside Playground Committee.

“We’re really excited to support them. I saw their committee was fundraising and some of the women from the committee have come into the restaurant,” said Greg Crisanti Owner of Tim Hortons in Moosomin.

“They’re almost at that finish line for the completion of the playground. Hopefully with our support and with the community’s backing, we can get that project finished for our community.

“It will be a great playground for the kids to play at this coming spring.”

The Eastside Playground Committee has been fundraising to build a new park and playground in Moosomin since June of this year.

They are currently $8,000 short from fully funding the project. The committee said they are hoping the Holiday Cookie Campaign will help bring them to the finish line.

“They approached us and it was really exciting to hear they had this idea. It’s new, it’s a different kind of cookie and hopefully it goes over really well,” said Chelsea Doane of the Eastside Playground Committee.

“We’ve had good support from all across the community, from all sorts of different places, and it’s nice to see support from one of the franchises in town.

“It was exciting that Greg approached us and that he was excited to support our cause for what we’re doing.

“He and another manager came up with this idea, it was pretty neat that they wanted to do the pilot project on us and help us get to our final goal to get this playground up and paid for so it can be installed for next year.”

Crisanti spoke about how Saskatchewan is the only province to have a Holiday Smile Cookie campaign.

“This is a new program started by the Saskatchewan owners. It’s only running in Saskatchewan for this year only,” said Crisanti.

“We’re looking to spread some holiday cheer and kind of switch up our promotions we do throughout the year. Going forward our regular Smile Cookie campaign will be in May, instead of normally being in September.

“We’re looking to change up our calendar a little bit. This way we can touch more community organizations in Moosomin so it works out great because rather than just doing one, we can do two. We’re really looking forward to testing it out and to see how it goes.”

From the Smile Cookie Campaign in September, Tim Hortons in Moosomin raised $29,249. All proceeds raised from that campaign went to the CT Scanner for the town’s hospital.

Crisanti said it is always important to support community projects.

“No matter what it is in our community, those are our guests coming through our drive-thru and into our restaurant every day, every week and it’s all about giving back,” he said.

“This also plays a good role with the holiday season and that’s what it’s all about, giving back. Without the community support we wouldn’t be able to have a Tim Hortons in Moosomin and we just really appreciate it.”