Kari’s Kloset owner says Moosomin is a great place to do business

November 30, 2022, 11:50 am
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Owner Kari Kosior of Kari’s Kloset said she is looking forward to the holiday season, as well as seeing people from the community that she usually doesn’t get the chance to see throughout the year.

From all the support and friendships made over the years, Kari Kosior, owner of Kari’s Kloset, said Moosomin is the best place to be a business owner in.

“This is my 14th year in business. Moosomin’s amazing, I’m so happy to be here,” said Kosior.

“The support here is incredible. More and more, it’s also the support I’m drawing from outside of the community too. We draw from such a large trading area, it’s that support, that also helps too.

“It’s also the relationships that we’ve made, my customers over 14 years have become my friends. It’s just such a great town to do business in.”

Supporting a person’s business goes a long way and helps to support other local businesses as well, said Kosior.

“A couple years ago a local business came and spent $20 in my store. I then took that $20 to another business locally and wrote my name,”she said.

“Then that local business took that $20 to another business in town where they spent it and then wrote their name.

“Once you support one business then it’s like a domino effect. We’re basically supporting each other when you keep your local support in your community.”

She spoke about why it is important to support local businesses in Moosomin.

“We are so lucky to have the businesses that we have in town because there’s so little that we can’t get in town and, there’s still opportunities for the things that we can’t get in town,” said Kosior.

“But, it’s just so easy to do business here too. It’s the convenience of everything being so close, and because the people know you here, you build those relationships when you do support locally.

“For example when you go into Mullett’s Home Hardware, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in there and forget what you went in there for, like a lightbulb, but they’ll come to you and ask you about those items on your list. They make it easy for you. It’s the service, it’s unbelievable.”

Kosior said she has always preferred working in a small town because of the sense of community that it brings.

“With my customers, they’ve become my friends. I share the celebrations with whatever is happening in their lives, whether they have hit big milestones with birthdays or anniversaries,” she said.

“Or even talking about recent purchases. Maybe I know someone who is contemplating over treating themselves to a pair of $200 boots and finally she makes the splurge. So, guess what we’re talking about the next time she comes in, how she’s liking those boots,” she laughed.

“It’s that connection and relationship, all around it’s a wonderful feeling.”

History behind the store
Kosior spoke about why she decided to open her own store, 14 years ago, in Moosomin. “I first got my inspiration in Grade 6 which is when I really started to pay attention to fashion,” she said.

“I was inspired by my teacher who showed up every single day in a different outfit and I couldn’t wait to see what that outfit was going to be. It was then where I was really intrigued with clothing and fashion.

“Then in high school, when it came to some of your projects and essays being about where you were going with your career, is when I decided I really wanted to have my own clothing store, but I knew I had to work in a clothing store first.

“After a couple years of receiving my business diploma at Assiniboine Community College (ACC) in Brandon, I was working at Ricky’s at the mall. I started as a sales associate then moved up as shift manager, then to assistant manager, to acting store manager. During that year as acting store manager, is when I felt I had learned everything I needed to learn, and felt confident enough to go off on my own.

“From there it was a matter of finding out where I wanted to go. I didn’t want to be in a city, I really wanted the small town lifestyle.

“I always had the dream of opening in Clear Lake, that’s how I got connected with Jeanie Waterman who owned this building at the time. It sat vacant for a year and a half.

“Just with the timing, I think stars truly align, call it serendipity, but after I looked at the store in Clear Lake they had called me and the timing just wasn’t quite right for them. So they called me about this space in Moosomin.

“Moosomin was familiar to me, this is where my dad grew up. He grew up in Fleming and my mom grew up in Rocanville.

“Because the area was close enough to mom and dad who were in Virden, that’s basically when I made the decision to come to Moosomin, and I’ve never looked back.”

Being an experienced business owner, Kosior was asked what advice she would give to new businesses.

“Any chance you can get to be on your sales floor and work frontline with your customers, do it,” said Kosior.

“Take that chance, make those connections. Listen to your customers, pay attention to what they’re shopping for that you don’t have. Pay attention to what’s flying off your shelves and keep bringing them in to the store. Biggest one is paying attention to your customers and being present.”

She said she is excited to see how her business does during the holiday season.

“October is actually the highest month for stock and sales, for my store itself. November is usually that little dip,” she said.

“Usually that first week when Moonlight Madness hits, it really kicks things off. I think we were shoulder to shoulder in here for Moonlight Madness last year, I’m excited for this year.”