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NEB gives Enbridge Line 3 replacement the green light

[May 2, 2016 • By Kevin Weedmark]
The National Energy Board (NEB) has concluded that the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program is in the Canadian public interest and will recommend project approval to the federa. . .READ MORE

School board closes grades 8, 9 at Wapella

[April 25, 2016 • By Kevin Weedmark]
The Southeast Cornerstone School Division will officially reduce Wapella from a K-9 school to a K-7 school. While Wapella is officially a K-9 school, in practice it has bee. . .READ MORE

Big increases in potash tax sharing for some RMs

[April 18, 2016 • By Kevin Weedmark]
Some communities will see big increases in potash tax sharing revenue this year, according to the Potash Tax Sharing Board. The changes come about because of a higher asses. . .READ MORE

Bonk ready to get down to work as MLA

[April 11, 2016 • By Kevin Weedmark]
Steven Bonk is the new MLA for the Moosomin constituency, and he said election night he is ready to get right down to work. Bonk won the Moosomin riding with a massive share . . .READ MORE

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