Open house in Maryfield Thursday: Enbridge looking at pipe replacement in 2015-2016

August 27, 2013, 3:52 am
Kevin Weedmark


2015-2016 could be a very busy time in southeast Saskatchewan.

If the National Energy Board approves the Energy East project, work should be starting on that project in that timeframe, which would involve significant work in the local area—a new pipeline would be built from Cromer to the Moosomin compressor station, and a tank terminal would at Moosomin, where Bakken oil production could be fed into the pieline system.

At the same time, Enbridge is proposing to replace Line 3 of its existing network, which runs through Cromer, Maryfield, and Langbank.

The project would involve building a new 36-inch pipe through the area and leaving the former Line 3 pipe in the ground.

The company is planning an open house to answer questions on the project this Thursday, August 29 at the Maryfield Auditorium from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In recent months, Enbridge conducted its latest assessment of the maintenance program options for the Line 3 pipeline, including repairs and possibly the replacement of some pipe segments. The company concluded that “while our commitment to the on-going safe operation of Line 3 can be well met through a conventional ‘dig and repair’ maintenance program – certain segments are potential candidates for replacement with new pipe, since replacement may be a less intrusive and more cost effective option than conventional digs.”

Enbridge has identified seven segments of its 34-inch Line 3 pipeline for potential replacement (subject to final approvals). The Line 3 Segment Replacement Program is comprised of:
• Three segments of less than 40 km in length for replacement in 2014; and
• Four segments over 40 km in length for replacement in 2015-2016.

The new segments of pipe would be 36-inch diameter due to procurement considerations (34 inch pipe is no longer used in the pipeline industry). Please see the enclosed map for location details.

Line 3 runs between Edmonton, Alberta and Gretna, Manitoba. During this segment replacement work, the existing Line 3 would continue to operate.

According to Enbridge, “While our goal is to align the route of the replacement pipeline segments immediately adjacent to existing pipeline rights-of-way where feasible, we will be seeking landowner input, conducting route surveys, and gathering environmental data before a final route alignment can be determined.”