Moosomin council questions gas price

February 16, 2021, 7:52 am
Kevin Weedmark


Moosomin town council is asking why the price of gas is often higher in rural communities than it is in the city.

Councillor Garry Towler brought up the issue at the regular council meeting Wednesday.

As of Thursday evening, the gas price at all three gas stations in Moosomin was 111.9 cents per litre—15 cents per litre higher than the lowest price in the province (96.9 cents per litre offered at two Regina locations), 3.7 cents per litre higher than the average price in Regina at the same time (108.2 cents per litre), and 2.8 cents per litre higher than the average price across the province (109.1 cents per litre).

“The cities are always a few cents cheaper than here,” Councillor Garry Towler said at the meeting. “I want to know why that is. It just doesn’t seem right. We’re the first town in Saskatchewan and it doesn’t look good if the price is that high. We have people working around here from other places and they certainly notice it. It’s just ludicrous.”

Councillor Murray Gray questioned whether the town should be weighing in.

As of Thursday, February 11:
111.9 cents per litre: Price at all three Moosomin gas stations
109.1 cents per litre • Average price across Saskatchewan
108.2 cents per litre • Average price in Regina
96.9 cents per litre • Lowest price in Regina

“We have free enterprise,” he said. “I don’t think we have jurisdiction to tell people what they can sell their product for.”

Councillor Ron Fisk pointed out that a small differential in price should be expected because of the cost of transport. “You can expect a small difference to allow for transportation, but nothing compared to the difference there is now,” Fisk said.

Mayor Larry Tomlinson said he has noticed the difference.

The town will ask Moosomin MLA Steven Bonk to a meeting to discuss the gas price differential.