Kipling Willow Height Estates: Company hoping to generate new interest in suites

April 27, 2021, 9:33 am
Kevin Weedmark


A company called Kube is hoping to generate new interest in suites in Kipling’s Willow Height Estates.

“Willow Height has been there for a few years, which is the Willow Height Estates,which is a 55-plus living community,” said Tyler Hassman of Kube.

“The shareholders have been struggling to get a couple of the units filled so they need some help with the marketing and leasing, and I personally, and with the team at Kube as well, have worked in these areas, especially Moosomin, I actually own the two apartment buildings on Main Street in Moosomin, so I’m very familiar with those areas, those small towns, and getting these properties filled. So they actually called us up and we’re working with them.

“For the Kipling building, we’re simply just contracted to get the building full. We’re just coming in, doing lots of marketing with them and bringing a team to just rebrand it, to really gain some attention and attract people there.

“A lot of times, in these smaller towns sometimes it’s easier for people to deal with an outside person on something like this.

“Even in past times with Moosomin we had local people who owned one of the buildings and they had family and friends who didn’t want to rent from them because some people don’t like doing business or renting from people they know in case something goes wrong and I totally get that.

“Us coming in and kind of having that outsider’s perspective and that comfortability if they aren’t happy with something or want something changed, they feel a lot more comfortable talking to us about it than someone they might know locally.”

Hassman said the plan is to widen the market for Willow Height.

“Right now we’re aiming to add professionals to the mix.

“It’s more 55-plus right now, but a big target market we’ve identifyied is health workers, because we’re right across from the hospital, and other working professionals as well, rather than just 55 plus. With the previous marketing that had been done, a lot of people see it as a senior housing building rather than a building for professionals to live there.”

Representatives of Kube plan to be in Kipling next week.

“We’re going to be in Kipling May 4 and 5 to meet some of the people in town, do some viewings, just to let people in Kipling know that there’s a new rebranding, and we’re hoping to generate some interest in the units.

“With Covid restrictions we can’t have an open house, but we’re going to be here for people’s questions, if people want a virtual tour we can do a virtual tour, or if they want to come, they can absoutely come down and check out some of the units.

“We’re not promoting it as an event but promoting just letting people know we’ll be in town if they want a tour or want to look into renting. We will be there all afternoon and evening both days.”

There may be potential for Cube to become involved in additional properties originally set up by Bridge Road Developments in rural communities.

“Bridge Road has looked at what we’ve done and who we are and sent our information out to all the communities they deal with,” said Hassman.

“Kipling is the first one we’re starting with and then we’ll be working with Wynyard, then there are four or five more communities that want to also get some help as well.

Hassman said the approach is simply to bring a new perspective.

“It’s just to bring a new perspective, bring a new approach, have people look at these buildings who might not have considered them before.

“It’s as simple as that, and being very careful with followup when people show interest.

“The property itself is beautiful, it’s brand new, it’s a super nice property, the concept’s amazing, the suites are beautiful It just needs to get out there more and have of a fresh face on it.”