$50,000 anonymous donation to airport expansion

May 16, 2022, 7:21 am
Kevin Weedmark

<b>Airport expansion</b> The engineer’s drawing of the expanded runway at Moosomin’s airport. The longer, paved runway would accommodate the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance.

There has been an anonymous $50,000 donation toward Moosomin’s airport expansion project.

RM of Moosomin CAO Kendra Lawrence said she was amazed to receive the anonymous donation. “I just said Wow! It’s amazing when something like that comes out of the blue. There was no message other than they felt it was a valuable project for the community.”

She said she couldn’t believe the size of the donation.

“At first I thought it said $5,000 then I took a better look and saw it said $50,000. I was surprised. I was shocked. I am excited some people are getting behind the project in such a big way.”

One of the main reasons for the airport expansion is to accommodate the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance. Local doctors say the combination of a CT Scanner in Moosomin and a longer paved runway would literally save lives for stroke patients.

Lawrence said the $50,000 will make an impact on the airport project, which will create a 5,000 foot paved runway at Moosomin.

“This will make a huge difference, and it can be matched by the provincial government with the CAP grant if we’re successful in getting it.”

The Community Airport Partnership grant is a maximum $275,000 per year grant through which the province matches local contributions to airport projects. The Moosomin airport expansion has received the maximum grant through the program for three years in a row, for a total of $825,000. CAP grant funding has not yet been announced for this year.

From all sources, including 14 municipalities contributing funding, the project has now raised more than $2 million.

The RM of Moosomin has also applied for a grant under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

“That funding stream would be necessary to keep moving at a larger scale,” Lawrence said. “I’m hoping the ICIP funding is approved very quickly.”