Cutler opens new business in Moosomin

June 29, 2022, 1:59 pm
Kara Kinna

Shauna Cutler in her new store, Hutt’n Doggie Do’s Work Wear and More, along with Charlie.

Shauna Cutler has opened a new store selling work wear, pet food and accessories on Ellice Street in Moosomin. Cutler will also continue to offer dog grooming out of that location as well.

The new business is called Hutt’n Doggie Do’s Work Wear and More.

“I have Berne Apparel and we also just got in with Wrangler, so we will be able to supply jeans, shirts, and some dress wear,” says Cutler. I’ve also just started with STS Ranchwear so that was exciting too.”

Cutler says she will be offering work wear for all ages, from children to adults, and for both men and women.
She adds that she will also be able to get in fire hazard clothing.

Cutler says she felt there was a need for a work wear store in Moosomin that needed to be filled.

“I’ve thought about it for over a year and I think our town needs it. I’ve been told be a lot of people that I should do it, so I thought I’ll take the opportunity, purchased a building, and thought maybe we’ll try it out.

“I think that there’s going to be a high demand because otherwise you end up going to the city to get things like your coveralls or even men’s jeans for that matter. I’m hoping there’s going to be a high demand. We’re in an agricultural community, so I’m hoping it’s going to go over well.”

Cutler purchased and renovated the former 2.400-square-foot Taylor Trucking building on Ellice Street, where her new store will be located. She says the building is ideal for what she is doing, and has lot of space.

Cutler says she’s doing an a soft opening right now, as she is still waiting for some of her inventory to come in, but she’s hoping to be fully stocked by the fall.

One side of the building will be dedicated to her dog grooming, accessories, and pet food business as well.

“I do the dog grooming on the other side and we now sell dog treats, dog accessories, dry and raw dog food,” she says. “We will also be carrying some basic horse tack.”

Cutler says people seem excited about the new business.

“They’re asking when I’m going to be open,” she says. “I plan on opening this Tuesday, just softly, and I was thinking that we could do the grand opening during the rodeo week.”

She says no one in the local area is selling brand like Wrangler and Berne, so she hopes the store is also a draw for Moosomin.

“For Berne and Wrangler, there’s nobody in the surrounding area that’s close besides the city. Regina, Brandon, Estevan—those are your closest to get all of these items. I feel we are going to draw from a lot of out of town people. We’re sort of in the middle, and my dog people bring a lot of people in to town too. I’ve been 12 years now in the dog business and I feel like they bring a lot of business to town. Because when they drop the dog off, they go eat, they go shopping.”

Cutler says she’s excited to be opening the doors of the new business.

“We’re pretty excited. The whole family is excited. They’ve all helped a lot to get this far this quickly. We think it’s a demand in town for sure.”

Cutler says that there is room to grow at the location on Ellice Street, and she’s open to adding on to the building if it’s needed in the future.

“We will stick with this, and then if it grows we will definitely add onto the building if we need more space,” she says.

“I enjoy pleasing the customers and meeting new customers and being able to socialize with them, and hopefully they will tell me what they’d like to see in the store.”