Plans presented for Labyrinth Park, Eastside Playground

June 29, 2022, 2:24 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Pharmasave donates to playground committee.

Presentations were made at the June meeting of the Moosomin Chamber of Commerce Tuesday on two community improvement projects — development of a park around the labyrinth site at the south end of town, and the addition of a playground at the east end of town.

Business support for Labyrinth Park
Dana Crosson presented a proposal for developing a park area around the labyrinth at the south end of town.

There would be a path built around the labyrinth, which Crosson said the town would help with, and there would be trees planted. She is looking for donations from businesses and individuals to place trees in a large circle around the site.

She said for a donation of $200, businesses or individuals could sponsor a tree and receive a plaque in recognition. She suggested families may want to sponsor trees as memorials for family members.

“Carol Adair approached me about a year ago with the ideas of planting trees and creating a park around the labyrinth. With my background in architecture, I offered to donate my time to help make a plan for the park,” Crosson said.

“Right now we have a plan to put a walkway circling the labyrinth with trees and benches. The town has kindly offered to build the path, and we’re looking for donations to plant the trees there.”

Crosson said they plan on planting 30 trees at the Labyrinth Park. There will also be a plaque with the names of people who helped donate towards the project.

“We’re looking for donations to move forward with the idea and hopefully we can get this project going,” Crosson said.

“There’s so much active recreation in our town which is great, but there’s not much passive recreation. This would be a good place to go for a walk with your dog, to go for a picnic, there’s lots of opportunities for that.”

Businesses or individuals who are interested in helping with donations for the project can contact Carol Adair at:

Donations coming in quickly for playground
The Eastside Playground Committee of Moosomin informed chamber members how much money they have raised from donations, for their project so far.

The group plans on building a park and playground in Moosomin on the east side of town, at 310 Henry Street.

“We felt the need to have an additional play space in our community for all of our residents,” said Andie Hodgson vice-president of the Eastside Playground Committee.

“We have a goal for $75,000, we have our installation and equipment donated, as well our donation from the RM. Monetary wise we’re currently at $43,000 which means we can put our deposit down and secure today’s price.”

Hodgson said the committee has the funds to put some money down on the play structures and hold the current price for delivery next spring.

The park and playground will be built on the town’s property, and the committee will be responsible for purchasing and installing the play structures and benches.

“The three play structures that we got quotes on would be for the swing structure, there’s going to be two regular swings and two baby swings,” said Hodgson.

“There will be a slide structure, similar to what you see at the school’s playground. Then there will be a gym structure with monkey bars and climbing equipment for the older kids to play at.”

She said the committee is still seeking monetary donations for the building of the project.

“We’ve been on the ground looking for donations, applying for grants. The land for the park is owned by the town, they will be maintaining it and already are. They will also be giving charitable tax receipts for any donations made,” Hodgson said.

“We’re looking for continued donations now, we have most of our servicing now, our equipment and man power for installation, now we just have to finish off the monetary donations for the playground itself.”

People who are interested in helping or finding out more information about the project can email:, or call Andie at (306) 737 0922, Dana at 306-434-9692, Andrea at 306-717-8978 or Chelsea at 306-434-7884.