$15,000 giveaway is on now

$15,000 grand prize and $7,000 in other prizes from local businesses

November 7, 2022, 7:32 am
The World-Spectator

<b>Lots of prizes to give away</b> World-Spectator advertising staff Kara Kinna, Ashley Bochek and Sunnette Kamffer with some of the 55 secondary prizes that are being given away in the World-Spectator’s $15,000 Christmas Giveaway.

Local businesses are getting together to give away more than $22,000 in prizes in the World-Spectator’s 2022 Christmas Giveaway.

The main prize is $15,000 to be spent locally, to reward one lucky shopper for shopping locally this Christmas season.

The winner will receive a chequebook and can spend their prize money at any of the participating businesses.

The draw will be made on December 20 and the winner will get the good news just before Christmas.

In addition to the $15,000 prize, there are also 55 other prizes valued at more than $7,000 in total to be given away in the World-Spectator’s 2022 Christmas Giveaway.

Shoppers can enter at 72 locations across the area.

Proud of local business community
World-Spectator publisher Kevin Weedmark said he is proud of the local business community for stepping up and supporting the promotion.

“This promotion has always been about rewarding local shoppers for supporting the local businesses, and the fact that so many local retailers and other businesses decide to take part in this promotion shows that they are working hard to serve their customers,” he says.

“The first year we held the draw, we had no idea if we could do it or not. We threw the idea out there to businesses in the area, and the response was overwhelming.”

“In no time we had enough support to be able to offer a substantial prize, which shows the incredible support from businesses,” Weedmark said.

It’s wonderful to see local businesses coming together to offer this kind of prize.”

The promotion has evolved over the years from a draw for a car to the $15,000 prize.

“The car draw was a success, but I think the way the promotion has evolved is even better. The grand prize winner each year receives a book of special cheques they can use at the participating businesses,” says Weedmark.

“That will ensure that the money the winner receives will stay in the local area.

“There are all sorts of other prizes as well. It’s really a great way of rewarding people for shopping locally.”

Shoppers can enter with a purchase at any participating business—there are 72 locations across the area in total where people can enter.

The winner can spend their $15,000 any way they want at participating businesses.

They may choose to spend it at several different businesses, or spend the whole prize on a large ticket item like a quad, furniture, flooring for the whole house, or a lavish trip.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Weedmark.

“Our winners over the last few years have spread their winnings around, spending the prize money on everything from trips to a family dinner to clothing to a garage package to electronics to furniture to jewelry.

“It’s great to hand out the $15,000 prize, and it’s great to see our winners spend that prize at local businesses over the next few months and really enjoy it!”

Over the course of the promotion there will be a centrespread running each week reminding readers of all the locations they can enter, and there will be a focus on several businesses each week, focusing on the secondary prize offered by each of the business, and creative ways people could spend $15,000 at each business.

“This promotion is both a way to reward people for shopping locally, and a way to remind people of all the amazing local businesses we have in our communities throughout the area,” said Weedmark.

“We really are fortunate in our area to have an amazing range of great businesses. I hope people check out the local businesses between now and Christmas, find out what our local communities have to offer, and do their Christmas shopping within the area.

“These shops are local, they’re there for you when you need them, they support your local community, they employ your neighbors and friends—and now they’re coming together to offer you the chance to win an incredible list of prizes!”