Hometown Christmas concert in Moosomin with Eli Barsi and Lizzy Hoyt

November 22, 2022, 4:37 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Musicians (left) Eli Barsi and Lizzy Hoyt are excited to perform their Christmas concert in Moosomin on Thursday, Dec. 1.

Award winning songwriters, vocalists, and musicians Eli Barsi and Lizzy Hoyt will be performing a hometown Christmas concert this year at the Moosomin Community Theatre on Thursday, Dec. 1.

They will also be performing at the Kipling Community Centre on Dec. 4.

“I’ve been performing Christmas shows in many areas of Canada and in the U.S.A. for the last 38 years. This time of year is my favorite season and holiday," said Barsi.

“Sharing Christmas music with various communities has always been so enjoyable for everyone in my band that we all agreed it would be very fun for us, and the audience, to present our Christmas show in Moosomin.”

The two talented artists will be playing various styles of Christmas music including Western Roots, Bluegrass, Folk, Celtic and Country.

They will also be performing recognizable Christmas favorites, along with a good mix of original Christmas songs.

Barsi spoke about why she decided to partner with Hoyt for the show.

“Lizzy Hoyt and I are long time friends, music colleagues and like minded when it comes to sharing live music,” said Barsi.

“We have worked together on stage before, however it’s been many years.

“Lizzy was recently in the Moosomin community for her latest CD release concert in June and she was so well received.

“Myself, along with my husband John, were discussing doing a Christmas show here in town this year and thought it would be great to invite Lizzy to join in.

“This show is about bringing high quality live music to this community in hopes of entertaining, lifting hearts, and enlightening everyone with the spirit and joy of Christmas.”

John Cunningham will also be joining the ladies at the Christmas show with his rythmic upright bass playing, harmonica, lead and harmony vocals.

Barsi said she looks forward to performing with Hoyt as she’s a very talented person.

“By the time of our show on Dec. 1, Lizzy will be just finishing wrapping up her debut Opera performance as the lead in Rossini’s Cinderella for The Manitoba Opera,” Barsi said.

“This is a huge deal! Lizzy is so diverse, as her performance in Moosomin will be at the complete opposite end of her usual music spectrum, which is Folk and Celtic.“

Barsi also comes from a background of many talents. Recently it was announced that she will be a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth ll Platinum Jubilee Medal for Community Service in the Arts.

Although this is Barsi’s 14th annual Christmas show, this will be the first time her and Hoyt will be performing together.

Hoyt spoke about why the two of them decided to perform a joint concert together.

“We just wanted to play music together,” Hoyt smiled. “Eli’s a long time friend of mine and the idea came up that it would be fun to do a project together because as solo artists we love to go around and share our music, but it’s really nice when you get to collaborate with someone else. To sort of get out of your comfort zone and play someone else’s music and just join forces, it’s really fun.”

Hoyt said she enjoys performing during the holiday season.

“This is our first time sort of sharing a Christmas show together. It’s fun to get to play music with people that you like and just be able to reconnect musically,” said Hoyt.

“It’s been a while since we shared the stage together. I always joke that I’m the perfect person to do a Christmas show because I really love Christmas. I happen to be interested in a lot of the older Christmas carols, but ancient carols are the ones that have always spoken to me.

“I get really excited to work on some arrangements and playing these ancient melodies, and finding new ways to do them. For me, it’s an honest pleasure.”

Hoyt said she is just as excited to be back in Moosomin.

“It’s nice to be able to come back. Often you don’t return to some places so quickly, if you’re doing a concert series or something they often like to have a couple years in between before inviting people back to the same place,” she said.

“It’s nice to have a return visit so soon, and of course it’s going to be a completely different repertoire. I still feel comfortable and confident returning because it will be a completely different show.”

The show is sponsored in part by MADAC, Moosomin District Arts Council. The Cratehouse will also be serving some delicious hot beverages and treats for the audience to enjoy.

Barsi and Hoyt will also a Pop Up Store in the lobby of the theatre for anyone wanting to add some Christmas shopping to the evening.

Although this is how both artists make their living, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the community.

“I’m excited about the show,” said Hoyt.

“I hope people can come and that we can get them excited about the Christmas spirit and kick off the season.”