Jasmine George starts as new Junior Councillor

Redvers Town Council

February 3, 2023, 1:44 pm
Kara Kinna

Grade 11 student Jasmine George is Redvers’ new Junior Councillor.

Jasmine George attended the Redvers Town Council meeting on Wednesday as the town’s new Junior Councillor.

This is the first time that Redvers has had a junior councillor. George is in Grade 11 and was interested in the role, so was selected to fill it. The meeting on Wednesday was her first council meeting.

Junior councillors can participate in all discussion at the council table, bring up issues or ideas, and give suggestions. They cannot vote on motions. The idea of a junior councillor is to get young people familiar with municipal politics in hopes they take an interest and understand it better as adults.

Ministry of Highways approves Highway 13 work for new crosswalk
The town received approval from the Ministry of Highways to do the work required along Highway 13 for a flashing crosswalk across the highway. The town has received a grant for the crosswalk, and will be installing it at the end of Broadway Street so that people can safely cross the highway to get to the Subway restaurant and convenience store on the north side of the highway.

Redvers supports engineering resolution, but not building resolution
Redvers received an email from the town of Whitewood asking if Redvers would add their name to two resolutions that Whitewood is planning to submit to SUMA. Redvers supported the first resolution but not the second.

The first resolution was in regards to engineering costs. It reads as follows:
- Whereas government grant program such as the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) requires a municipality to have engineered plans prior and mandate that an engineer oversees the design and construction of a project

- Whereas this is guaranteed revenue for engineering firms and costly to municipalities

- Whereas councils are made up of people who do not have the backgrounds to fully understand the intricacies of the designs and trust the professional engineers to design their projects in the best interest of the municipality and the public using reasonable practices.

- Whereas there are situations where some engineers are over or under-engineering the designs of the projects resulting in additional costs for municipalities due to these errors.

- Whereas the grant is awarded and before funding is released to have engineered plans produced by the municipality

- Therefore be it resolved that the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association lobby the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (“APEGS”) to set up a contingency fund for cost overruns due to proven engineering errors and the municipality is able to apply for the grant prior to paying to have stamped engineer drawings.

The second resolution was in regards to the Construction Codes Act. It was not supported by Redvers and read as follows:
- Whereas each municipality previously had the option to pass a building bylaw, requiring building permits and inspections for their respective municipalities.

Therefore be it resolved that the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association lobby the provincial government to amend the Construction Codes Act, SS 2019 to make it optional for a local government within Saskatchewan to administer and enforce the Act and Regulations.

Town looking at options for new, nicer looking street signs
The town will be looking into prices and options for new street signs in Redvers. The town is hoping to put in new street signs with more flair and style than the standard green and white street signs. CAO Tricia Pickard presented an example of a heritage-style design to the town that includes the town’s logo at the top, just to give council an idea of an option that could be considered.
Once the town settles on options and prices, a plan will be made to start replacing the old street signs over time.

Infrastructure fee money moved into GIC
Council passed a motion to put the money collected from 2022 infrastructure fees on utilities bills into a flexible term GIC so that it can collect some interest before being used. The money is to be used for capital projects, namely the town’s water treatment upgrade project, which will be happening quickly.
The money moved into the GIC totals $43,980 and is accessible within 30 days.

Ball diamond development permit approved in hopes of gaining grant
The town approved a development permit for lights and shale on Diamond 3 at the town’s ball park.

The town, rec board and Redvers minor ball board have applied for the Jays Field of Dreams grant, and have made it through the first round of the selection process. The development permit is required for phase two of the selection process. If selected for the grant, the town will be using the grant money to move ahead with the lights and shale on Diamond 3.

New photocopier for town office
The town office staff were excited about the purchase of a new photocopier after the town’s 10-year-old copier began giving them problems.
Council passed a motion to purchase a new Cannon copier from Success Office Systems in the amount of $12,999.

Western Municipal Consulting to provide board of revision services again in 2023
Council passed a motion to appoint Western Municipal Consulting to provide board of revision services again for 2023. The town used Western Municipal Consulting as well in 2022.

Redvers will mark National Flag of Canada Day
February 15 is National Flag of Canada Day, and the town decided they would do something to recognize that day this year. 2023 marks 58 years since Canada’s red and white maple leaf flag was selected as the national flag of Canada.