Sharpe’s Burger Blitz is back Feb. 13-18

February 6, 2023, 4:05 pm
Kara Kinna

One of the delicious burgers that were on offer during last year’s Burger Blitz.

Sharpe’s third annual Burger Blitz is back from Monday, February 13 to Saturday, February 18, and this year the week-long event will include even more restaurants than last year.

There will be 10 restaurants involved in the burger blitz, including the Red Barn, Cork & Bone, Witch’s Brew, Fleming Windsor Bar & Grill, Moosomin Dairy Queen, Nutrien Sportsplex, TJ’s Pizza, The Crate House, Blueberry Kitchen and the Rocanville Town & Country Golf Clubhouse.

Sharpe’s Crop Services started its burger blitz in 2021 as a way to promote Canadian agricultural products, timing it to coincide with Canadian Ag Day each year.

The event was a hit with over 2,000 burgers sold at local restaurants the first year, and 2,600 burgers sold last year.

It also gave Sharpe’s a way to support the local restaurants while promoting the ingredients used that come from Canadian agriculture.

People who try the burgers will also get a chance to vote on their favorite burger, and fill out a Burger Stamp Card for a chance to win $500 in a draw for every four burgers they purchase.

“It started as something different to do for Canadian Ag Day,” says Lori Yeske with Sharpe’s who is helping to organize the Burger Blitz this year.

“It exceeded our expectations. We didn’t expect for people to sell that many burgers, and now we are expanding into other communities.”

Yeske says the restaurants and customers seem to look forward to the burger blitz.

“I get a couple restaurants that ask if we are doing it again each year. They are definitely excited for it to happen every year.”

“It feels good. It always seems like it’s talked about lots—when winter hits people asks when Burger Blitz is happening. It’s nice that it has taken off and the last two years it has grown each year for burger sales.

“And it will be interesting to see what happens this year with a few businesses from out of town joining. It’s nice to involve other communities in the area.

“It’s about Canadian Ag Day and helping support the local businesses too. We’ve had a few thank yous for them saying it’s a really good week for them and they really do sell lots. And I think it gets different people into their businesses that typically wouldn’t maybe go there all the time.”

Yeske says it’s not just rewarding for the local restaurants and customers, but for Sharpe’s as well.

“It helps to get our name out there and help out the local businesses. It’s rewarding. As much as it’s not as much work on our part as it is for the local restaurants making the burgers, we do still feel quite rewarded by how well it does.”

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