Communities in Bloom starts to beautify Moosomin in preparation for summer contest

May 24, 2023, 9:09 am
Sierra D'Souza Butts

The Town of Moosomin will be participating in this year’s Communities in Bloom contest. The competition focuses on the quality of municipalities’ green spaces, diversity and originality of its landscape, as well community projects that highlight environmental awareness and heritage within the area. <b>Photo:</b> Editor Kevin Weedmark took a drone shot of a sunrise in Moosomin last summer.

The town, local businesses and groups in Moosomin are all working hard in preparation for the community’s participation in this year’s Communities in Bloom competition.

“It’s a national program, but communities take part in it to beautify our community and get civic pride, and bragging rights too, if you win,” said Jasmine Davidson, Communities in Bloom Project Manager.

The competition is a national and provincial program that recognizes communities participation in projects involving beautification, heritage, and environmental awareness.

Participants are judged on the quality of the municipality’s green spaces, diversity and originality of its landscaping, general tidiness, environmental awareness, heritage, and the level of community involvement.

“It’s good for economic development too because it promotes our community on a national stage,” said Casey McCormac, Economic Development Officer.

“You can go through—on the Communities in Bloom website—all of the packages submitted in the past years from all of the different communities, so it’s really good promotion for Moosomin.”

Judges for the Communities in Bloom contest will be coming to Moosomin in the end of July or the beginning of August.

There have been 23 spots picked in the Moosomin area for the judges to view for the contest, however, not all of the spots in Moosomin will be viewed on the day, due to a limited amount of time.

“There’s a total of 1,000 points that we’re judged on,” said Davidson.

“The judges will get here earliest at 9 a.m., then we take them around town. They go for lunch, then we show them around a little bit more, but we don’t have lots of time because they need to have supper. Then they need to go back and evaluate their notes.”

Davidson is currently working on an information package that will showcase all of the spots and highlight what each place in Moosomin has to offer to the community.

“When showing them around, you really don’t spend a lot of time at each place,” added Amber Campbell, Assistant Recreation Director.

“Being that we have 23 spots and two of them are at the regional park and golf course, we’re not sure how that’s going to work yet.”

The group was asked if they believe Moosomin has a chance of winning in the competition.

“I think we have an awesome community. I was in Brandon for school and I missed home so much. It’s just the feeling a small town has,” said McCormac.

“We are a small town, but we still have so much more to offer and we just continue to grow.”

“It does seem like people in Moosomin get on board with things as a group so that helps,” Campbell added.

If the town win’s the Communities in Bloom provincial contest, then they move forward to the national level in the following year.

Business Sunflower Contest, and more contests to come
McCormac said the group has been coming up with contest ideas within the community to motivate people to participate in beautifying and freshening up Moosomin.

“I think it’s really good for getting people to work together. We’re doing different contests too to get people into it,” said McCormac

One of the many contests the committee for Communities in Bloom have started is the Business Sunflower Growing Competition.

Each business has the chance to grow the tallest sunflower and the winner will receive a Christmas party at Nutrien Sportsplex, valued at $1,000.

“We’re doing a sunflower contest. We’ll post pictures of them and whoever has the most likes wins $1,000 Christmas party at the Sportsplex,” said McCormac.

Other upcoming contests with prize packages for people and businesses to win are:
Front Yards in Bloom
Community Blocks in Bloom
Festival of Flags – Countries in Bloom (corresponding with the flag garden )
Mock Wedding – Yard of the Year
Mini British Open – Best Dressed to Bloom Team
Summer of Sunflowers
McCormac said more details about the different competitions will be sent out throughout May to July.

What will the judges be looking for in Moosomin?
The organizers for Communities in Bloom said one of the main aspects the judges will be focusing on is the heritage and environmental sectors within the community.

“There’s a big focus on environmental so that’s another aspect of it, and on history. It’s not just planting flowers, but history and environmental as well,” said Campbell.

“They really focus on groups working together and getting everyone involved from all different groups in the community, like from students to seniors.”

Davidson plans on gathering information to emphasize the number of historic buildings Moosomin has in the community.

“I’ve been collecting a lot of pictures and information, as well as research,” said Davidson.

“Out of the six evaluations, one of them is Heritage Conservation. I’ve been focusing on the Cenotaph, the Moosomin Armoury, the McNaughton Building is also a big one of the heritages we have here.”

There is a sub-committee for each of the designated locations in Moosomin picked for the contest, where each committee is responsible for maintaining and beautifying their spot, in preparation for the judges arrival.

How can people in town help?
Davidson said people can help contribute to beautifying the community in different ways.

“Anything small can help, like keeping your yard clean. The little stuff makes the difference in the end,” she said.

“Just keeping the town clean too, picking up a piece of trash just anything. You don’t even have to go spend lots of money, keeping your place looking clean helps.”

“Tidy up or paint that fence you’ve been wanting to paint for the last five years, this year would be a great year to do it,” added Campbell.

“Those sort of things, being tidy, cleaning up, flowers are awesome, greenery is awesome, lend a hand if you know someone needs a hand, volunteer at one of our spots.”

The 23 different locations in the Moosomin area that were chosen to represent the community for the contest are: REMAX Court, Bradley Park, Tim Hortons Eventplex, Mike Schwean Arena, teepee project, East Side Playground, Borderland Coop Aquaplex, Kin Park, South Cemetery, downtown Moosomin, Community Homes, the labyrinth, MacLeod Elementary School and McNaughton High School, Dr. Davidson Park, Dorchester Place Park, community boulevards, town entrance from Highway 1, town entrance from Highway 8, landfill site, community heritage walking paths, the cenotaph, the Moosomin Legion Club, South East Integrated Health Facility, East Gate Park, McNaughton Building, the Moosomin & District Regional Park, and the Pipestone Hills Golf Course.

People can reach out to Jasmine Davidson if they are interested in helping around town in preparation for the contest at: