Need for CT Scanner, town map fundraiser, and summer events planned at Chamber

June 7, 2023, 2:07 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts

A lot of people were discussing the need for a having a CT scanner in Moosomin due to the number of people in the community and surrounding areas who use the local hospital.

At Tuesday’s Moosomin Chamber of Commerce meeting, a lot of people were discussing the need for a having a CT scanner in Moosomin due to the number of people in the community and surrounding areas who use the local hospital.

Kevin Weedmark of the Chamber distributed information sheets about the usage of CT Scanners in communities such as Moosomin, Estevan, Kindersley and their surrounding regions.

“One of the sheets shows how many CT Scans are done across the province,” he said.

“From that sheet we found that more than half of the waiting list for the entire province is between Regina, Yorkton, and Estevan, and found that 72 per cent of people who have been on the waiting list for more than 90 days are waiting for scans in those three communities in southeast Saskatchewan.

“We dug up those figures which help to support the argument for a CT Scanner in Moosomin, and Casey (McCormac) came up with some population statistics that show growth trends and population stats for different communities, showing for instance within 100 kilometres in Moosomin you have 57,000 people, 45,000 people within 100 kilometres of Estevan, which has a CT Scanner.

“We just compared it with Kindersley as well, which is one other community we thought might be a good comparison, but it’s a little less than the population of the Moosomin drawing area. On the back of the sheet, there are some charts that show what those areas are.

“I just wanted to throw that out to the Chamber members to see if anyone has any input on how we should drive this forward.”

Mayor Larry Tomlinson commented on the matter.

“A lot of the meetings we have done in the past, myself, Casey, Kristjan (Hebert), Tyler (Thorn), we’ve talked to the minister and we’re making progress,” he said.

“One of the things they were worried about was staffing and we actually got the staff for it. Our fingers are crossed, I think we will actually see this go ahead. There’s been a lot of background work done for it.”

Hebert added that he is hoping the CT Scanner will be included in next year’s provincial budget.

“The big goal is to put a huge push on the CT Scanner being a part of the budget going forward,” he said.

“It’s like a 15-month plan so that everything’s in place, the airport will be for next year so that when they release the budget in 2024 May, this is part of it, but it takes 12 or 15 months to put the pieces together.”

“The government already kicked in with the airport, this will just be another piece,” added Tomlinson.

July 15: Bulls & Broncs, parade in town, Filipino cultural event
Weedmark informed members about the upcoming summer events happening on Saturday, July 15.

“We have a couple of events happening on July 15, the Bulls & Broncs will be happening that evening,” he said.

“It’s going to be a full day of events. The firefighters will be having a pancake breakfast first thing in the morning. The Chamber of Commerce will have their parade at 10 a.m., then the Bulls & Broncs in the evening, and the cabaret will be going on as well.”

Weedmark said this year the Chamber is looking for someone, or a group in town, to be the honorary marshals for this year’s parade.

“One question the Chamber always throws out for the parade is if anyone has any ideas for who we should honor as our parade marshals,” he said.

“Last year it was the Ukrainian community for their efforts in helping bring the Ukrainians to town. A couple years ago it was the Santos family, and if anyone has an idea just let us know if you have someone in mind that you think deserves to be honored.”

After the parade that day, the Filipino community will also be hosting a cultural celebration in the evening.

“Pre-Covid we always had a multi-cultural lunch after the Chamber parade,” said Leo Ilustrisimo of the Pinoy Moosomin Community.

“This year, we’re doing a Filipino cultural celebration to fundraise for the Terry Lynd basketball court. We’ll be serving Filipino food and we’ll have some dance presentations and singing as well.

“What we’re doing differently this year is that all of the proceeds will go towards the Terry Lynd Court. We’ve got great costumes, we’re prepared for a big cultural event, we hope to see all of you there.”

EECOL Electric grand opening on June 6
William Schnellert, manager of EECOL Electric in Moosomin, told Chamber members the businesses grand opening event on Tuesday, June 6 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“We opened up at the end of January this year.

We’re getting our feet under us and getting the ball rolling,” said Schnellert.

“We wanted to wait for a little bit nicer weather that’s why our opening is happening on June 6.

“We’re going to have Red Barn catering for us, we have a bunch of our suppliers coming down showing off some of the products they can offer.

“This will mostly be marketed towards contractors, but as business owners you’re more than welcome to come down and see how we can help you out.”

Schnellert said business so far has been great in town.

The new business is located on 1815 Celebration Drive in Moosomin. This is the company’s sixth location in southern Saskatchewan.

Chamber town map fundraiser
Weedmark informed local businesses owners about the Chamber’s annual map of the town, and asked if anyone would be interested in having their businesses logo included in this year’s map.

“We’re putting together the Chamber maps. We put these together and hand them out at the hotels, the restaurants, the golf courses, and at the MCC Centre, just to give to tourists so they have an idea of how to get around town,” he said.

“If your business wants the logo on the front of the location, it works really well for people because they know where that spot is in town.”

Logos on the front of the map are $60, and ads on the back are $120.