Upcoming Kenosee Lake Trail Run on Sept. 2

August 25, 2023, 2:38 pm
by Sierra D’Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Race Director for the Kenosee Lake Trail Run, Laura Sullivan, said she loves running and cannot wait for this year’s first trail run on  Sept. 2.

On Saturday, Sept. 2 a trail run will be happening at Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

With 100 people signed up for the event already, organizers for the Simpli Dental Kenosee Lake Trail Run, Walk, Jog said competitive and non-competitive participants are welcomed to come out.

“This is definitely a family oriented, all ages, all fitness levels run,” said Laura Sullivan, race director of the Kenosee Lake Trail Run.

“It does sort of sound intimidating, trail running, but we’re in Saskatchewan, the trails are groomed, they’re wide enough to drive a car on.

“There is a bit of elevation change, but it’s nothing too crazy.”

The run will begin at 9 a.m., and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. there will be a beer garden, food, drinks and other vendors on site for people to enjoy.

Sullivan said people have the option to participate in the 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon trail run, or full-marathon trail run.

“It will be happening at the baseball diamonds where the trail heads are,” she said.

“The 5k will mostly be the Beaver Lake Trail, then the 10k takes on the Beaver Lake and Youell Trail, and the half marathon takes on the Beaver Lake and Youell Trail, and onto the ski trails. The full marathon we’ll be doing the half marathon twice.”

Sullivan said the idea for organizing the event started with her co-worker from Simpli Dental.

“I work at Simpli Dental as a dental assistant and the dentist that I work for is Dr. Blake Mitchell. His parents have had a place in Kenosee when growing up, he knows how truly wonderful and beautiful the park is,” said Sullivan.

“We’re both big runners and he suggested that we do a trail run at Kenosee. I was all in, no questions asked, because that’s how much I love running.

“I was able to go out to Kenosee and do the trails and I realized it was a gorgeous hidden gem that everyone needs to go and experience.

“We just wanted to create a really cool experience of having a beer garden and going to do something physically active and challenging, but to also enjoy the provincial park and get people to enjoy Saskatchewan in that sense too.”

How can people sign up?
People can register for the event at www.raceroster.com under the title: Simpli Dental Kenosee Lake Trail Run.

“I honestly think people should come out to just enjoy Kenosee,” said Sullivan.

“Also to truly make it like a holiday, to come for the long weekend, camp out there, go for a game of golf, and once you do the trail run, hang out.
“We’ve got a live DJ, a beer garden, some vendors coming out. It will be a nice opportunity to hang out and to embrace the fact that you just went out and did something hard with the run.

“You’ll be meeting new people that are enjoying nature and have the same interests as you as well.”

If the event makes a profit, Sullivan said they will donate it to Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

“This is our first time doing it, but if there ends up being any money left over and if we actually make money, it will just go back to the park,” said Sullivan.

With her strong passion for running, Sullivan said she is looking forward to the event.

She spoke about why she decided to organize the trail run.

“My heart truly lies with running. I’m chasing my six Major World Marathons and I’ve been to a lot of large events,” said Sullivan.

“I just love the experience, I love the connections you make, I love the running community.

“I’m now a run coach and have a run culture community. I’m constantly surrounded by running events or smaller run clubs, working one-on-one with clients to run races so I thought it would be really cool to host my own.”